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    When Radicals Rule

    Barry Secrest
    Charlotte Conservative Examiner
    January 14, 2012

    A Nation Divided

    I now think it's safe to say that, at this point, hearing a Democrat complain about debt would be about the same as hearing Satan complain about sin.

    While most of us have been all caught up in putting out the fires of Iran's ridiculously "rusty" sabre rattling going on over in the Mideast, or Obama's continually bypassing that "musty old" US Constitution up there in the Beltway, or even Santorum's haughty disavowal of Ronald Reagan's outrageously successful, and yet somehow now "silly," Presidency further up north in New Hampshire, the real fires are incessantly raging within the US economy, and evermore powerfully so.

    The portent of an outrageously crippling US debt, still to be fastidiously ignored, coupled with the ongoing ravages of America's medical well-being in the form of Obamacare's unbridled passage, not mentioned nearly enough these days, leaves little room for any meaningful improvement within the US economy. This, despite all of the false-flag ruminations by the Media over America's ridiculous 8.6% unemployment rate (cum 15.6% actual), as being a thing to be cheered for, if not cherished.

    Bimbo's R' Us

    Further, after seeing the latest anti-constitutional mayhem, as perpetrated by Obama in just the first few birth pains of 2012, I believe we can pretty much lay to rest any notions of our current President's respect, admiration or even wisdom concerning the US Constitution.

    Obama's flagrant unconstitutional foray into recess appointments, when the Senate is clearly NOT in recess, speaks to an imperial mindset which should be challenged immediately by those whom we have elected to perform that very function.

    And yet, where are the calls of protests from the media? Where are our outraged leaders in the Senate and the House? Why is it that, everytime I personally try to picture either one of the houses of Congress, in my mind's eye, all that I can now see is an attractively coiffed and rarely industrious bimbo whose primary concern is that of incessantly worrying over her appearance? Has Congress succumbed to the narcissistic neurosis of only being able to gaze lovingly into the media's magic mirror to the exclusion of all else? Pausing only to apply yet another layer of clay foundation to make everything "just so? "

    Well, indeed, if this is so, then the wrinkles and the blemishes are really beginning to show through, Ladies and Gentlemen, because this is not at all what the Founders had intended when applying their foundation for this nation.

    This Ain't Rocket Science?

    And yet much of the former talk surrounding the President's intent to ease himself temporarily to the center, due to the upcoming election, doesn't appear to be happening at all. In fact, not only has El Magnifico taken it upon himself to radically reconfigure the defensive posturing of the US by remanding as "antique" the two wars doctrine originally configured back in the latter 1920's. This current defensive scheme, which was upgraded in Kennedy's day to the two and half war "flexible response" option, has now been scuttled in favor of something else altogether.

    Now, Obama has befuddlingly decided that the best way to protect us is to go to the all encompassing "one+" war option. Obama will further protect, both the US and our allies, from future missile attacks by brilliantly "sharing" our secret missile defense technologies with any and all possible attackers. The first "confidant" being Russia, in order to keep Obama's START treaty on the rails of acceptance.

    However, the Rube Goldberg problem in sharing secrets with the authoritarian Russian Government, of course, is their unsavory coral of very questionable friend-nations. In fact, this secret technology sharing, by default, will, therefore, ultimately lead most likely to everyone else in the "we hate America coalition" knowing our missile secrets by purloined default.

    Understanding Obama Logic

    But, in keeping with this ridiculous notion that trading our missile defense technology with Russia, (for Acorn votes perhaps?) somehow effects a heightened advantage to our overall defensive strategy, why not apply that same rationale to other problems that plague the United States in spades?

    For instance:

    - The US problem with illegal aliens has been well-documented. So, if we used the same Obama logic that's being used on missile defense with Russia, the best way to fix our border problem would be to create massive electronic blinking signs pointing towards known weaknesses or holes in our border monitoring scheme.

    Thus making it easier for illegal aliens to cross-over, while engendering a certain "good will" towards the US by not meaningfully impinging upon their ability to cross over in the first place. This will amount to a good-natured deterrent, because of our willingness at being amiably agreeable dunces, especially to Mexican war lords and drug cartels.

    - We have all known of the ongoing problems with the Chinese Government's cyber-hacking and attempts at pirating all sorts of US intelligence and private industry secrets in an ongoing basis. Using the same Obama Logic as applied to Russia and missile defense, the best way to ease the problems with China's cyber-hacking would be set-up an enormous Homeland Security program which will provide a US Web security bypass complete with passwords, especially for that " not-so-bright" hacker in the bunch, allowing all pirating groups in China massive ease in accessing our secrets.

    This will, ultimately, keep our electronic equipment in squeaky clean working order by protecting us from those circuit-shattering attempts to burst through our digital security barriers. Just think of it as a fort without walls. Indeed, now anyone can walk in, but no direct damage is done. This will take all of the fun out of cyber-hacking in general and the problem will immediately go away, according to the always vaunted Obama Logic, while making the country such a laughing-stock that no one would ever attack us again for fear of eradicating the most entertainingly idiotic nation on the planet.

    "De Nuestro Frio, Las Manos Muertas"

    -We all know of Obama's liberal, anti-second amendment penchant, for slowly and meekly eradicating weaponry from the hands of every single American. So, what if we use the same Obama logic, from his brilliant sharing of our missile defense technology, in wiping out America's gun ownership?

    Well, for starters, we would have to create anti-gun sentiment, and we would need to bring in our illegal alien problem as a sort of mule to make it all happen fortuitously. So, we procure a staggering number of the most powerful weapons available en mass, and then practically give those "marked" weapons away, via the free market, to the drug cartels and warlords of Mexico. We could then license border gun dealers to freely distribute these weapons to anyone who wanted them, but especially "peaceful," illegal, drug mules. Involved US Agents would then be ineffectively consigned to loosely monitor the sales of these weapons, so as not to arouse suspicions within the ranks of patriotic US officers.

    When the weapons finally get into the hands of Mexican drug mules coming into the US, they would, without doubt, use these weapons on US citizens and border agents, by default. We would, ultimately then, find these weapons at an increasing number of multiple murder crime scenes and could then tell the American people of how ridiculously easy it is to get high-powered weaponry from the US, and move to instate prohibitive gun laws nationwide to save us from Mexican outlaws and ourselves.

    The outrage, from the mainstream media, would be enough to excite support nationwide and, voila', we will have shrewdly used guns violently, if not feloniously, in order to finally achieve gun safety. In fact, while this last scenario probably seems just as ridiculous as the first two examples, this was one bit of Obama logic that actually saw chaotic fruition, in that this is a very brief description of the Fast and Furious guns case that has our US Attorney General twisted into a pretzel at present.

    So, it would appear that Obama's brilliant "international community organizer "one+" option" US defensive posturing scheme will now be employed, in favor of those earlier ones effected by mature, responsible adults, located somewhere back in our history. But, with all of this Conservative angst flowing like a river, there must be some positives out there to gaze at, right? Well, there is that one thing that we did a double-take on the other day....and it goes something like this in our new war-posturing scheme:

    "The United States Does Not Negotiate With Terrorists," Sort of....Er, well, We might exchange a few niceties, or perhaps even bits of personnel, along the way....but never negotiate, Ever! Um..., so like, most of the time....

    Yes, indeed, you read that right! You see, now, El Presidente' has finally succeeded at one of the major goals of his administration in finally opening up a "meaningful" dialogue with murderous terrorists, and it's not "just any" terrorist group either. In fact, Obama has decided to artfully capitulate to the one-and-only "He-Man, woman hater's club of the Mid East" known as the Taliban, for Heaven's sake. But, it actually gets better still! In this case, Barack the Job Slayer is actually considering an exchange of several of the Taliban's top Guantanamo imprisoned leaders for something that is of the greatest value of all to our silver-tongued, presidential devil.

    Forget the Iran Contra "Guns for hostages" affair, now we have the Obama hyper-equivalent, that being the "Words for Hostages" scandal.

    You see, as it regards our radical, Islamist friends, Obama is still under the hysterical notion that a simple clarifying exchange of elegant words between our antagonists and our leadership will quell the flames of Islamic fundamentalism's anger towards the US. Just call it the highly anticipated and soon to arrive mother of all "My Bad's" for the President, more on that some other time. Split-peace soup, anyone?

    But then, these are just a few of the insults being forced upon the American people by a stealthily radical administration, now verified as being completely out of control and in quasi-desperation mode. What with the specter of upheaval manifesting all around us, the administration has instead chosen to turret its leering gaze onto virtually any and everything except the problems immediately at hand. So what in the Sam Hill is all of this actually about, anyway?

    Our answering suggestion would be to look within Obama's bible, being Saul Alinksy's "Rules For Radicals," in order to ascertain Obama's new prescription for the US military's war fighting posture, and America as a whole for his final year in office. You see, Obama is not only battling brush-fire contention on the international front, he is also battling everyday middle-class Americans here at home. So, the "one+" option would more accurately speak to the American middle-class as being the "one," and the "+" would belong to any nation that might interfere with the US while Obama is pursuing final defeat of the American middle-class via redistributional justice.

    So, why not see how Obama's faulty logic might apply Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals" to his new war posturing "one +" scheme, in finally obtaining a useful proletariat, along with a hyper-weakened America, overall?

    Saul Alinsky's Tactics as Applied to the American People

    The number one Saul Alinsky tactic is this: "Power is not only what you have, but it's also what the enemy thinks that you have." Now that Obama will allow America's enemies to know exactly what we do have in missile defense, along with how to defeat it, Obama will become the defacto hero to America's true enemies. This will create untold future employment possibilities for a veteran international community organizer, since a one-term Presidency is the best that Obama can actually hope for at this point. All the while, Obama will continually work to create massive economic and otherwise problems for Americans in the foreseeable future. Just think of it as a resume' enhancer.

    The second radical tactic says, "Never go outside the expertise of your people," which, Obama initially broke when he took the oath of office and appointed a slew of academian radicals to his administration. This would explain why America is now split, in a conjoined class warfare paradigm, with chaos and economic failure bubbling up all around him, and it would also explain the now very urgent need for rule#1, as far as Obama goes.

    The third Alinksy tactic states, "Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of your enemy." Now, who can doubt that a sitting President trading America's secrets to a war-mongering antagonistic government, falls well outside of every single person within this country's expertise, to include the many naive moderate Republicans in Congress, nevermind the usefully idiotic Liberal Democrats. To be sure, virtually every Right-Wing adherent, and a large cadre of suddenly retiring Democrats in 2010 and 2011, had little if any training in recognizing the application of Marxism by a sitting President. Live and learn, as they say.

    The fourth Alinsky tactic advises, "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules." This would directly speak to Obama's flagrantly shredding the rules on recess appointments in the US Constitution, that being our book of rules, in this case. But, this would also have to include Obamacare, bypassing congressional rules by edict or executive order, and many, many others. The list is long and the atrocities surmounting; however, Obama knows that Congress should and will play by the rules of the US Constitution to the letter, and therein lies his advantage, for now.

    The fifth tactic indicates, "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." Now, you can see Obama employing this credential virtually everytime he steps out onto the campaign trail, or even whenever he seeks to install another ream of mind-boggling legislation. You can also see this rule being played out by Obama's disciples in the media, especially whenever in the presence of some hapless Republican, or even when moderating virtually any GOP debate. However, many in the Conservative media have also learned to employ this tactic quite effectively, which creates at least some measure of balance. It must be noted, however, that at this point in observing the administration, ridicule comes quite naturally to the discerning.

    The sixth tactic is quite simple: "A good tactic is one that your people enjoy." This immediately brings to mind "The Occupy Movement" and their goals, which resoundingly appear to be mostly lounging around in the streets of America's largest cities, smoking pot and ogling the opposite sex, if not worse. All the while demanding change, to include that within any passerby's pocket. Camping is fun, it should be noted, and the occupiers finally have a formidable excuse to ignore their parents' constant implores to bathe, while finally finding a singular usefulness for doing absolutely nothing for a good cause,whatever that may be.

    The seventh tactic is the one that the Obama administration appears to suffer from the most: "A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag." Now, is there anyone out there, either on the Left or the Right, who isn't absolutely weary of the 44th President of the United State's administration? Most folks, it would seem, are adrenally exhausted at this point. In fact, living under the Leftist constraints of the Obama administration could conceivably be likened to an age-old saying from soldiers who explain being in combat: "long periods of boredom accentuated by brief periods of sheer terror." Uh-huh! Living in America.... that's us, these days.

    The eighth tactic is the one that we Conservative activists,writers, talk-show hosts and even concerned citizens within the Tea Party and beyond, have adopted for our own. It simply states, "Keep the pressure on," and we will, to be sure. However, in our case, the pressure is in the form of a tourniquet, which can scarcely be tightened any further, as the wounded body of our nation continues to bleed out slowly from the ravages of the radical Left. Could we take even another year of this chaos?

    This next-to-last of our Alinksy tactics speaks to a thing that Obama continually utilizes, time and time again: "The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself." You can see Obama use this with virtually every policy ever conceived, every countering argument to a useful proposal ever proffered, and so on. Obama appears to advantage the bully pulpit of the Presidency, not to lead from the front, but rather to manipulate and terrify from behind. Great Leaders inspire, Miserable Authoritarians disillusion.

    Our last tactic speaks to the essential center of the Obama presidency, as well as to the heart of the 44th administration. This particularly useful tactic states, "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it." Now, think of this final tactic as not so much being employed against one person, or one grouping, although it has certainly been, but rather, our country. Obama and his radicals, ever the ambitious, set their sights on an entire nation itself:

    The administration has actually picked their target as America for a startling transformation that has left most with empty pockets, diminished bank accounts, and crumbling homes.

    In freezing the target, America has been systemically and economically frozen from all of the redistributional angst and job-killing over-regulation and mind-numbing legislation, as fomented by this Cloward-Piven administration.

    Obama, in 2011, has personalized the nation against itself with his frequent urgings of class warfare and by culling out and blaming specific groups for all that ails the nation. The buck always stops anywhere but where it should, and more often than not in the past.

    Finally, the nation in 2012 lies polarized with a Congress that will, albeit blessedly, have nothing to do with itself, an entire people who have been dissected against themselves by confusion and mis-appropriated ideology, and a Cloward-Piven debt that leaves very little room for error, in finally repairing the transgressions of a government spending gone stark, raving, mad.

    Barry Secrest

    North Carolina native Barry Secrest is the owner of two successful small businesses of 25 years and the highly successful political website, Conservative Refocus. He is an Honor Graduate of the U.S. Navy Technical School, recipient of the National Republican Congressional Committee's National Leadership Award 2000-North Carolina Republican of the Year, North Carolina Representative for the Conservative Voter Coalition, and author of the book "A Perfect Liberal Storm." Contact Barry:

    When Radicals Rule - Charlotte Conservative |
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