by Jan Herron

That's the question posed by Coloradans testifying before the House State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee on Tuesday on Bill 1271, Defend Colorado Now.

To those representing the illegal-alien lobby whose agenda they support (Catholic Charities, ACLU, and federally funded Denver Health Clinic), Representatives Paul Weissmann, Ann Ragsdale, Terrance Carroll, Fran Coleman, Rafael Gallegos, and Nancy Todd were very gracious, approving and respectful.

But citizens making the trip to the capital waiting their turn to speak their designated 3-5 minutes before the committee experienced a distinctly different reception. Patiently waiting their turn for their allotted 3-5 minutes to ask their legislators to reserve the services funded with their tax dollars to citizens and legal residents. They knew the 6 Democrats on the committee opposed the bill, but nonetheless expected the respectful treatment due to all citizens.

What a shock those citizens experienced! Representatives Weissmann, Ragsdale, Carroll, Coleman, Gallegos and Todd were jumping up from their seats, playing with their computers, talking on cell phones and passing notes like ill-mannered school children. They repeatedly interrupted citizens' testimony with "don't say the same things we've already heard from others," although that "rule" wasn't applied to their pro-illegal alien allies. Nor was their disrespectful behavior limited to citizens; they were equally rude and obnoxious to HB 1271 author Rep. Schultheis.

After their several choruses of their old tired litany of "racist," "xenophobe" and "bigots" to citizens, Fran Coleman decided to be "offended" that citizens discarded the politically correct euphemisms and called illegal aliens by their rightful name--illegal aliens. Nothing offends a hand-wringing liberal more than plain, unvarnished truth.

These six politicians deserve a "voters' pink-slip," and the sooner the better. The good people of Colorado should be justifiably outraged that these 6 abandoned the legal citizens of Colorado to serve illegal alien lawbreakers.

These 6 voted to continue their refusal to enforce the Federal Welfare Reform Act prohibiting taxpayer-funded welfare benefits to illegal aliens, placing the needs of illegal aliens above the citizens of Colorado. Rep. Nancy Todd nauseatingly concluded the session by whining several verses of "Can't we all get along?"

Perhaps we can, Nancy. Starting when you and the other 5 ill-mannered brats show that you give others the "respect" you demand for yourselves and those who agree with you. Simply put, Nancy, the citizens of Colorado didn't need a bed time story.