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    Why does the administration permit illegal immigration?

    Op Ed

    Why does the administration permit illegal immigration?

    Saturday, February 11, 2012


    The Administration has sunk to new lows concerning assistance to illegal aliens. An advocacy office has been set up within the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service (ICE). The purpose of this office is to assist illegal aliens who are facing deportation or who have been detained for other reasons. Over the last 20 years various courts have ruled that illegal aliens are not entitled to the protection available to legal immigrants and citizens of the United States. This new program flies in the face of those court decisions. It also conflicts with the mandate of the Border Patrol. Over the last six months, the Border Patrol has increased their patrols to prevent illegals from crossing into the country. So far these efforts have successfully deterred some illegals that have chosen not to enter the United States because of the enhanced border security. Others have chosen to leave the United States due to increased workplace enforcement that makes it more difficult for illegals to obtain employment.

    With the new advocacy program, illegal aliens will have a federal government advocate to assist them in fighting the extradition process. The advocate will also take steps to delay extradition as long as possible. This is a frivolous waste of taxpayer money. People who come to this country illegally do not deserve any benefits from the government. Some will say I am harsh on this issue. I certainly agree that my opinion is biased. Like many other citizens, I applied for legal immigration to this country and followed the rules. That others can enter this country illegally and stay here with federal government support is an insult to all immigrants and their families who followed the process to enter the United States and become citizens.

    In another related move, the Administration has instructed prosecutors to drop charges against many illegal aliens facing extradition. This sends a clear signal to unauthorized immigrants that there is no need to wait in line. Just run or drive across the border. No need to file the required paperwork to support the application. It is okay to bypass the immigration process that includes a criminal background check and verification that the applicant has the ability to support themselves and their family. If you are a criminal and want to enter the United States, feel free to do so with the Administration's blessing. Sneak across the border and if caught, our government will help you to stay in the country. Forget about our laws! Forget about immigration quotas! Don't wait in line for five or ten years to legally enter America. Just walk across the border! Do it now before Obama changes his mind!

    A few years ago, South Carolina passed a law requiring voters to produce valid photo ID or a voter registration card before they can vote. The Justice Department recently overturned this law claiming that it violates the Voting Rights Act. This act was originally designed to end discrimination against blacks attempting to vote. Nothing in the act says that it is illegal to require photo ID to vote. Anyone who lives in today's society knows that photo ID is required for many common activities. We must produce photo ID when cashing a check at the grocery store and sometimes when using a credit card at an appliance store. We have to produce photo ID to purchase a car or to take out a loan at the bank. We need to produce two forms of identification when applying for a job. We have to use government approved identification cards or passports before we can board an aircraft. We have to produce valid photo ID before we can get a library card. So why is there such a big deal about a requirement to produce photo ID prior to voting?

    I understand that properly identifying yourself may be inconvenient if you forget your wallet when you go to the polls. Unless you are voting in the last 10 minutes before the polls close, you should have time to go home to retrieve your ID and return to vote. A common form of voter fraud (or ballot stuffing) is for a person to go to the polls and claim to be someone they're not. Since many states do not require a voter to produce identification, they can vote for their favorite candidate in their own name and then go to another polling site and vote again in another name. Since many people do not exercise their right to vote, it easier for imposters to affect the outcome of an election by casting multiple ballots using different names.

    Now let's put these two issues together. Immigrants who enter the country illegally would be wise to live in one of approximately 20 states that do not require voter Photo ID. View this link for more information on these states: Voter ID laws (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Come here illegally! Obtain food stamps and welfare to support your family! You can even get the right to vote! If you broke the law when entering the country, you are already a criminal. Why not break a few more laws along the pathway to amnesty.

    In this country, the voting privilege is available to all citizens (except convicts). Some of us carefully select candidates before placing our votes. Others vote for the candidate with the prettiest picture. I saw a video this week of high school students in Olympia Washington. These future voters will be selecting our elected officials within the next two or three years. To say they are dumber than dirt is an understatement. They did not know even the simplest facts about American history or geography. When asked they could not answer which war gave America its freedom? (The War of Independence or the Revolutionary War are both acceptable). What countries border the United States? (Canada and Mexico). What is the capital of the state of Washington? (Olympia, which just happened to be the city they lived in). But worst of all, one of them thought that Bin Laden was the Vice President of the United States. This video demonstrates how our education system has failed our youth. More importantly, it shows how the half trillion dollars or more we spend each year on education was wasted. (

    After viewing the video, I realized why President Obama might want to encourage illegal immigration. Imagine his disappointment when he looks out from the Oval Office to see the graduates of our wondrous education system. From his lofty perch in the White House, he realizes that permitting illegals to vote might not be such a bad thing.

    He then instructs ICE to stop deporting illegals, as they may be our only hope. After all they are smart enough to know that the United States of America is the best place in the world to live. They also know exactly where the borders are and how to sneak across them. They know how to earn a living by doing whatever job they can get.

    Think about the illegal alien who comes the United States and opens up a small fruit stand. The family works hard and saves their money. They then buy a small restaurant, or a convenience store. They put their children through school and they pay their taxes. They are here because they want to be here, not here because of an accident of birth. I only hope that their children do not go to school in Olympia Washington.

    The Times News

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    A real true American must understand is Nobama is a real enemy,he protect illegals,simple for damage and destroy USA,alike all dems.Thaing Nobama never proof he was born in Hawai,he alike a family member are a illegals protect by dems.Who believe or support a dems are basic enemy.Dems is a real negative danger for every one,no one is feel patriotic to USA can in any form support or protect a dems.I know very well Mexican gov,is support illegals immigration,but drug Cartel too,Nobama know that,but enjoy protect,and broke any law,simple because is a President and is above law.Gor,musm ban any American go in vacation or any another reason to Dem Mexico.

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