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    Why Are Internment Camps Being Built?

    What's your opinion on this?

    August 11, 2009
    by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

    [size=18]Why Are Internment Camps Being Built?[/size]
    As people read my columns all across America, I have had numerous readers contact me, saying that they have personally witnessed the transportation of construction materials used for internment camps, have actually worked in and around them, or have personally seen such camps. These eyewitness testimonies have come from very credible people, including law enforcement and military personnel, as well as airline pilots and construction workers. Just a few weeks ago, I wasmore............

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    My opionin

    As a 18 year veteran I believe our troops would not turn against there own, it is rumor that they we asked just recently that and overwhelming said they would not support the government in such an action.. Maybe that's why they are keeping so many abroad. Just be prepare and know your enemies and we have nothing to fear.
    <div>Do your job and enforce the law!
    Many thanks to the young that have served our country, and to those of you that have lost, we all owe you, thank you</div>

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    From what I have read...

    They are for the people who will not take the toxic swine flu vaccine. They will be labled 'quarrantine stations' but what they are will be death camps for the independant thinkers.

    This evil plan has been a long time in the making.

    If everything goes according to plan there will be the mindless slaves and the elite masters. Why do your think that Obamacare will deny health care to the elderly? Who wants an old slave? Theses

    However if the slaves left are 'too' mindless - the masters may just have to figure out how to fend for themselves perhaps get their pretty soft hands dirty.

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    People who stand up to the Chariman and are on the 'snitch' list will be rounded up....

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