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Thread: WHY? The Mass Shooting in Texas That No One is Talking About!

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    WHY? The Mass Shooting in Texas That No One is Talking About!

    ALIPAC Activists, is this story legit or disinfo?


    WHY? The Mass Shooting in Texas That No One is Talking About!

    Chad Prather-

    November 9, 2017

    Let me introduce you to Rolando Martinez. He’s the mass shooter in Texas that no one is talking about.

    Why not?!?

    Great American Politics tells us:
    “He is another mass shooter who inured four people in Texas this past Saturday night, including one 7-year-old girl who was shot in the head and is listed in critical condition. However, the mainstream media is pretty much ignoring this mass shooting and the reason seems clear. The shooter is another illegal alien, not a white male American citizen.
    According to reports located NOT on mainstream media sources, Martinez was shooting at drivers along an 18-mile stretch on Interstate 35 in north Austin, Texas. He was drunk and in possession of an assault-style rifle.
    If the mainstream media publicized this mass shooting, it would have resulted in the questioning of how Martinez entered the United States and how long he had been here. It may have also brought into question Austin’s sanctuary policy in protecting illegal aliens, which would have been an embarrassment for Democrats. This is why very few people will ever know about Rolando Martinez or the fate of an innocent 7-year-old girl.”
    Mainstream media is always quick to jump on the bandwagon when a white man shoots innocent victims. Within hours and days you’ll know every detail about his life from his pant size to the last text message he sent. That’s the sort of thing that fits the gun control narrative. Whenever there’s an illegal alien that bypassed gun laws and got their hands on a weapon illegally it destroys their rhetoric.
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    All illegals must be removed promptly as promised by the now elected trump - adios, bye, bye illegals...bye, bye central americans on the dole by the hundreds of thousands yelling "fear" aka drug dealer LIARS!..
    GET OUT NOW!!!
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    Oh, but we mustn't talk about that. Those illegals are just 'hardworking people looking for a better life', or 'doing the work no one else will do',etc.

    It doesn't fit the agenda -
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