Will We Ever See Another Conservative President?

- Doug Patton
Thursday, November 29, 2012

After the shellacking taken in this year’s presidential [COLOR=#AA0A3D !important]election, will we ever see another conservative president? In the past, I have opined with great optimism in this space about the strength of the “farm team” of courageous conservative leaders — men like Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Bob McDonnell, Scott Walker and Ted Cruz, and women like Nicky Haley, Susanna Martinez, Sarah Palin and Deb Fischer — whose ascendency gives dispirited conservatives hope for the salvation of the Republic in the years to come.

After this year’s election, I no longer believe that even the bold leadership of these officials and former officials will be enough. If America is to continue as we have known it, some fundamental steps must be taken to reclaim the nation that once was a shining city on a hill.

I. Borders
Republicans should stop pretending they have any chance of out-pandering Democrats on the issue of immigration. No further talks should be undertaken with liberals about “comprehensive immigration reform” until there is an enforceable system of border control between Mexico and the United States. Call me racist all you want, but every American with anything functioning in his or her cranial cavity
knows that our southern border is an open!important]invitation to criminal elements ranging from violent drug dealers to international terrorists

II. Education

Abraham Lincoln famously said that the philosophy of the classroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next. The generation that just re-elected the most radical president in the history of the country has proven that adage to be true. The time has come for conservatives to step up and run for state and local school boards, as well as university regent boards. Conservative patriots with the financial means to do so must begin to [COLOR=#AA0A3D !important]fund
scholarships to educate the next generation of journalists, college professors,lawyers, judges and other public officials. The only way we will bring social and fiscal sanity back to America is to counteract lies with truth.

III. News media

The rise of talk radio and the Fox News Channel has shown that Americans are hungry for voices other than the standard “progressive” claptrap that has emanated from the ivory towers of Manhattan and Washington, D.C., at least since Watergate. The next time a major news media entity goes up for sale, billionaire conservatives should step forward and buy it — and then start reporting the truth.

IV. Culture

Over the years, we have seen some relief from the sewage that regularly flows out of our entertainment industry. Despite Mel Gibson’s tragic personal meltdown later on, his “Passion of the Christ” was one of the biggest hits to come out of Hollywood in decades. CBS’s “Blue Bloods” is a Friday night TV hit enjoyed by millions of tradition-minded Americans who like a little action along with a depiction of some solid family values. The show depicts a family of cops who love each other, their wives and their community, and who actually say grace over their Sunday dinner. Imagine that! We need more “Blue Bloods” and less “Two and a half Men,” but we will never get there without more bold traditional conservatives with clout in Hollywood.

V. Spiritual revival
Last, but far from least, America needs spiritual revival. For the last one hundred years — beginning with Woodrow Wilson, continuing on steroids with FDR, and culminating with the election and re-election of Barack Obama — government has been our god. Stating the antidote as plainly as possible, God must once again become our god. Does that mean that God wants a Republican president? No, but I think He would be pleased with a humble leader who believes in liberty and who acknowledges that God, not government, is the answer to our problems.
Disaster surely awaits us if we continue in the direction we are now headed, and change will not happen next year or in the next election cycle. What is as certain as tomorrow’s sunrise is that we will not see it happen at all if we do not take the first steps down a different path than the one we now tread.

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