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    Will Western Civilization End With Us?

    As many know, European governments are bringing in huge numbers of Muslims overwhelming their countries with aliens who hate and despise the West and have a culture that is totally incompatible with Western civilization. As incredible as this may seem to be, the only rational explanation for this aberrant behavior is that they are engaged in a systematic, self imposed genocide, the destruction of Whites and their culture by other Whites.

    Apparently there is a “globalist” agenda to make the whole world one giant blending of all races and people. No Irishmen in Ireland just an amorphous mix of every ethnicity, no Germans in Germany just a multi racial non descript population, same for Italy, England and all of Europe. 1500 years of Western culture is purposely being systematically destroyed. They are out to, out Hitler, Hitler. It is sick and frightening, but we must name it for what it is and speak of it boldly without fear of censure; if we are ever going put an end to it we must talk about it. Of course the Asians, the Arabs and the Blacks and Hispanics never signed on to this insanity. Just Westerners sick with Marxism and superrich megalomaniacs. The Muslims just want to conquer, loot and rape pretty European women. Of course, of course that does not mean all Muslims or all non Caucasians. Let’s not get into that distraction. The point is that a great many want to conquer, pillage and rape and the Eloi Europeans sick in their souls from Marxists one world delusions are making it safe and easy for them.

    It is insanity, the governments in Europeare are facilitating a mass migration that is overwhelming the native populations with people from alien cultures that conflict with Western civilization, and those governments are using the coercive powers of the state to suppress their own citizens when they try to fight against it. The“news” media hide the truth from the citizens so they do not know how bad things are so many people do not rally to stop it and the gullible believe the humanitarian camouflage the governments use to hid their ultimate goal of national obliteration. The police will not make reports and often not even arrest for rapes and other crimes, the courts impose minimal punishments—or none. The Arab alien invaders are quickly learning that the Europeans will not defend themselves, not even their own women. Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick, sick. In Europe militant Arabs are finding a sexual exploitation paradise for themselves. How much they must have contempt for the cowardly, Eloi, Europeans who do not fight back. I know I am sick and repelled by their passivity and refusal to acknowledge the ugly truth when it is right in front of them.

    The people are the culture, destroy the people and you destroy the culture, destroy the culture and you destroy nationalism, and national is the one great obstacle to a one world global super state that appears to be the delusional goal of Western Marxists. Of curse the situation here in the USA is almost identical.

    I do truly believe that we are engaged in a struggle to not just preserve our country but our entire Western civilization, all 1500 yearsof it. Western Marxists what to destroy it. The non Westerners want to seize it for themselves, loot and rape. This article would probably be called hate speech in Europe and I could be put in prison, yes, put in prison for posting it.

    We are in big trouble and we need to fight with all of our might to stop this insanity.
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