Winning Senate Just Became Harder…7 Seats Needed for Control

august 1, 2013 by steven ahle

Winning the Senate has become harder, because now we need to win 7 seats and not just 6. There are plenty of opportunities. We should pick up Montana, South Dakota, and West Virginia. Tom Cotton’s decision to run in Arkansas is great news for the Republicans. He is the strongest candidate they have, running against a much weakened Mark Pryor, who is having commercials running against him from the right and from the left. The left because he was against gun control.

Mark Begich barely beat a man who had just been convicted and was on his way to prison. His seat has to be considered threatened, unless Joe Miller wins the nomination again. Kay Hagan also barely won in a Democratic landslide year. Romney won NC in 2012 and the pendulum seems to be swinging the Republican’s way. Hagan is also a strong supporter of gun rights and has come under fire from her own side.

Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, (We had this seat won in 2008 but a third party candidate ran and gave the election to the democrat who had only 49% of the vote) That leaves us little room for error. There are no republican seats that look vulnerable unless Bevin wins the Kentucky primary and if he does Grimes will win and take the seat.

So why do we now need 7 seats and not 6? John McCain. If the republicans were to take 6 seats exactly, Harry and crew would press McCain to move over to their side of the aisle and let’s face it, it wouldn’t be much of a move. McCain has a big ego and the standing ovation he got from the democrats had him grinning from ear to ear. Judas Iscariot is bewildered. When he acted in the same manner of McCain, he was reviled.
Now, I want to give my two cents worth. Should the Republicans take 7 seats, McCain should have his committee chair taken away. He should not be in leadership. Let him jump to the democrats. We lose nothing.