If it talks like a dictator and it acts like a dictator ...

On the day Barack Obama declared, "I'm not a dictator," an Arizona congressman is comparing him to a very famous one over his mass release of criminal illegals.

The question is, given this aging dictator's politics, will the comparison upset or please Obama?

Obama 'taking page out Castro playbook'

Lawmaker: President freed illegals because he didn't win sequestration fight

Published: 3 hours ago
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The Obama White House firmly denies any involvement in the release of hundreds of detained illegal aliens, but U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., told WND that’s preposterous and the move was done to inflict punishment for Obama not getting his way on sequestration.

According to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, the decision to release several hundred allegedly “low-risk” illegals was made entirely by officials at Immigration and Customs Enforcement and was done because of looming budget cuts related to the sequestration spending cuts.

Does Gosar believe that story?

“Absolutely not,” he said. “This just shows the pattern of do-and-deny that this administration does over and over again. We saw it in ‘Fast & Furious.’

We also saw it in the horrific acts of Benghazi. So here’s No. 3. Three’s a charm. We need to wake up and understand how this administration rolls.”
The congressman then elaborated on why he believes the administration would consciously release criminals as the first response to a budget tightening.

“This was to create hysteria in which to get the public behind their mantra of increasing taxes and doing it the president’s way in sequester,” Gosar said. “This shows the lack of leadership by this president and this administration for accountability and responsibility. When you look at our core functions as a federal government is security and protection. Boy, I certainly hope that none of these people that are released create a crime that cost a citizen both injury to themselves, their life or their property.

“This is absolutely horrific. It’s like taking page out of Fidel Castro’s playbook, dumping people out on the streets egregiously,” he said, echoing a similar statement by Rep. Lou Barletta, R-Pa., to Fox News today.

The congressman believes another factor is at work in this decision as well.

Like Gov. Jan Brewer, Gosar believes the president is still bitter at Arizona officials over the immigration fight between the state and the Obama administration.

“I find it kind of interesting and very offensive that once again this administration targets Arizona as one of its foremost states to pick on,” Gosar said. “We have additional responses by this administration by rules and regulations and administrative rulings that (designate) Arizona as their evil stepchild.”

The Obama administration insists the released illegals do not pose a criminal risk, are still being monitored and are still on schedule to be deported. But Gosar isn’t convinced.

“First of all, they didn’t know and now they do know? Give me a break. The bureaucracy of DHS is just horrifically riddled with oversight balloons and potholes,” he said.

Gosar is a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and promises the panel will investigate this thoroughly, although he’s not holding out much hope for cooperation from the Obama administration.

“Absolutely. This is part of our job, part of our detail. And I’m sure that the administration, like they did in ‘Fast & Furious,’ in Benghazi as well as other things like Solyndra. They’ll show us contempt by not giving us the proper details and information that we should have access and proper access to,” he said.

According to Gosar, the decision to release illegals shed some light onto how Obama really views the looming immigration reform debate.

“The president probably doesn’t want to have an immigration policy and get this broken policy fixed because he keeps intruding and stirring the pot so that we don’t come to a creative solution that defines a good, secure immigration policy,” he said.

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