World Snickers As U.S. President Runs Around White House Like A Little Girl (VIDEO)

by Ulsterman on February 28, 2014 with 16 Comments in News

Is it any wonder that the world is on fire, with disruptions and chaos spreading from corner to corner of the globe, as the power vacuum created by an American presidency far more occupied with self promotion than freedom devotion, takes time out to prove yet again, how girly of a man occupies the Oval Office with a full on display of oddly limp wristed shuffling throug the once great corridors of White House power. And you got to pay for this video Mr. and Mrs. taxpayer, so enjoy it – it’s all yours…

“Those little wrists have a hard enough time holding up a drink, let alone a job.”



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“Fellow patriots take notice, Mr. Ulsterman has penned prophecy!” -Dr. L. Darryl Armstrong
The United States is no more, and hidden away within the isolated wilderness of Alaska’s interior resides the tiny community of Dominatus. There lives a small but diverse group of people seeking out simple lives of personal liberty and freedom, but who now face termination under the oppressive and deadly regime of the New United Nations. They will fight and if need be, die for an America that once was. An America before being swallowed up by the monster of tyrannical global governance. An America before the mandates. An America before the government drone killings.

For all who yearn for liberty and freedom, their story is our story…