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Thread: Worst Mass Shooting in US History Takes Place at Orlando Gay Club on Latino-Themed Ni

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    Worst Mass Shooting in US History Takes Place at Orlando Gay Club on Latino-Themed Ni

    Read the twitter feed at the link. Some of them still don't get it.
    Worst Mass Shooting in US History Takes Place at Orlando Gay Club on Latino-Themed Night

    Written by Yara Simón
    June 12, 2016

    In the middle of the night, Pulse nightclub – a gay club in Orlando – updated its Facebook page with a haunting message: “Everybody get out out of pulse and keep running.” The message didn’t provide enough context, but commenters soon filled in the gaps with their own account of the harrowing experience. At around 2 a.m. Omar Mateen – a United States citizen living in Port St. Lucie, Florida – opened fire on the crowd of more than 300. Mateen eventually took dozens of people hostage inside the club, and it wasn’t until 5 a.m. that police killed him, saving the lives of about 30 people, according to The New York Times. With more than 50 dead, it’s the biggest mass shooting by a civilian in U.S. history.

    Just six hours before Pulse’s chilling Facebook update, the club invited Latinos to drop in on Saturday for its Latino-themed night. Puerto Rican drag queen Kenya Michaels was set to be one of the guests; former Ru Paul’s Drag Racecontestant Yara Sofia later reported that Michaels made it out safely. According to USA Today, Pulse describes itself as “not just another gay club,” and providing a safe space for the LGBTQ Latino community is proof of that.

    Amidst speculation that Mateen was motivated by Islamic extremism and renewed conversations about gun control, the media has failed to report that this attack targeted LGBTQ communities of color. A 2012 report on hate violence against the gay community found that LGBTQ people of color were 1.82 times more likely to experience physical violence. In 2012, 73.1 percent of anti-LGBTQ homicide victims were people of color – with black/African Americans accounting for 54 percent and Latinos for 15 percent, according toColorlines.
    Former Pulse dancer Marco Di’Costa told the Miami Herald that the club attracted people of all backgrounds, and that Saturday’s Latin nights often drew many Latinos.

    Many in the Latino community are speaking out about the lack of attention being given to violence against LGBTQ communities of color, and at the same time, they are striking down Islamophobia. Check out a few tweets below:

    vero bayetti flores @veroconplatanos

    Also: you do not have permission from queer Latinxs to use the Pulse shooting for your Islamophobic, scaremongering war machine. Don't dare.
    10:25 AM - 12 Jun 2016

    Barry Grass @theBGrass

    Pulse was an LGBTQ club. SAY SO. Pulse was popular with Latino queer people & last night was Latin Saturdays. SAY SO. Contextualize things.
    9:18 AM - 12 Jun 2016

    Delma @explications

    This man did not just murder queer people. He specifically chose to murder Latino/immigrant queer people. Whiteness/racism/homophobia kill.

    Shelby Bouck @ShelbyBouck

    As well as hatred for Latinxs. It was Latino Night at Pulse last night, and that was not an accident. …
    9:48 AM - 12 Jun 2016

    MAX IM A KOOPA @meakoopa

    'No word whether this is terrorism.' Attacking gay ppl on a Latino-themed dance night is the height of terrorism. #PulseShooting

    MAX IM A KOOPA @meakoopa

    #Pulse shooting is symptom & escalation of a nation's bigoted attacks against its queer & Latino communities.
    5:57 AM - 12 Jun 2016


    While the Orlando Sentinel reports that One Blood centers are filled to capacity due to the influx of donations, there’s still a need for donors. Gawker and other media outlets are reporting that because of the gravity of the situation, there’s been a temporary lift on blood donations from gay men. Currently, the FDA doesn’t allow gay men who have had sex with other men in the last year to donate blood.

    Erin Maloney @ErinOnTV

    Here's the line at a local blood bank for Pulse Shooting victims. One man said, "This is the real Orlando." @bn9
    10:24 AM - 12 Jun 2016

    Update, 2 p.m.: One Blood says that all FDA rules remain in place.

    OneBlood @my1blood

    All FDA guidelines remain in effect for blood donation. There are false reports circulating that FDA rules were being lifted. Not true.
    11:48 AM - 12 Jun 2016

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    trump said this was going happen but Obama did not listen at all If trump was our leader he would blow up the sb obama did not listen this is the 9 one that we had & obama did not do any thing at all I said he out to kill the usa & now he has Hillary the ass hole that want to be Persident god help us trump know what he is saying so listen
    trump call Fl right away but Obama he was not in a hurry at all the new guy's wait obama this guy was bad new 3 time & now he did to our country 50 die & 53 in the hospital & you let him go we want trump for our leader I would not trust you or Hillary at all
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    Yes, Trump said this was going to happen if we didn't take action. Of course, no one did, and he's not in office yet so he couldn't, so another mass murder of innocent Americans by the offspring of Muslim immigrants.
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