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    Would You Grant Obama Immunity For His All His Crimes?

    Would You Grant Obama Immunity For His All His Crimes?

    Should the President, Vice President or any other political figure get preferential treatment if they’ve committed crimes? Are they more deserving of pardons or immunity than you and I, just because of who and what they are? I for one believe that the President and other political figures should not only be held to the same laws as everyone else, but that they should set the example for everyone and be above reproach. If they commit a crime and are found guilty, then they should receive the same punishment that you or I would receive. If that means jail time, then they should serve jail time and suffer all of the consequences of being a convicted felon. I also believe that once they are convicted of committing a crime while in office that they lose their government pension. After all, why should we pay them while they are serving time? If you committed a crime at your job that led to your conviction and imprisonment, do you think you would receive your pension from the company? When Richard Nixon was guilty of trying to cover up the Watergate investigation, he resigned and was subsequently pardoned by newly sworn in President Gerald Ford. I know there were many Americans that felt he should have been brought to trial for his crimes and interfering with a federal investigation, but no, he got special privilege along with his pension for life. Had he been tried and convicted, his pension would have ended. Barack Obama is guilty of committing a number of crimes. Among them he has willfully not enforced federal laws, like the Defense of Marriage Act and some of the Immigration laws. He has used executive orders to bypass Congress and create law when he didn’t have the legal right to. Congress stopped funding to Egypt at one point and Obama ordered it to continue and he did so without the legal power to override Congress. He has acted more like a tyrant dictator than an elected president. I’m sure if a legal expert, of which I am not, sat down and analyzed Obama’s presidency to date, he would probably fill notebook with a list of laws and crimes that he has committed. So I’m asking you if Barack Obama should be pardoned or given immunity for all of his crimes committed while serving as President or should he be held accountable? Sadly, a number of liberals, including some who openly smoke pot, not only believe Obama should get immunity from his crimes, but they’ll sign a petition to give him immunity for past, present and future crimes. Think about it. These people are willing to sign a petition that would give Obama immunity for FUTURE crimes as well as those he’s already committed. Obama already believes he is above the law, but can you imagine what he would do if he was told that he had immunity for any future crimes he might commit? The man would be totally unstoppable. If you think he’s bad now, wait and see what would happen then. Sorry to be so blunt, but those people in the video are idiots and have no understanding about the Constitution and what made America great in the first place. No wonder our nation is going down the toilet and into the sewer!

    video at links below


    The dumb-ing down is in full swing!!!

    Joe the Plumber

    I'm pretty sure America would be a safer place if we could find some room for this guy in the prison system...

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