I agree with Glenn Beck WWE fans are stupid and here is the proof, The WWE hired a wrestler who's real name is Mark Capoin and played the Character of Muhammad Hassan and WWE had to let him go because more and more 9/11 families who lost loved ones were reminded of the horror that happened that day thanks to the mean spirited WWE.

Where in The Hell Are They?: Muhammad Hassan A.k.a. Mark Copani | Bleacher Report

How WWE Ruined Mark Copani's Career in Shoot Central Forum

The WWE has NO CLASS PERIOD which is why they are using racism to portray the Tea Party and anyone fighting against illegal immigration as racist with there Jack Swagger, Zeb Coulter Character which is wrong. THE WWE IS LYING AND I AM GLAD LINDA McMAHON RIGHTFULLY DID NOT BECOME SENATOR IN CONNECTICUT, SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN A WASTE.