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    #Wynn-ing? Casino Magnate Joins Trump Campaign Tyler Durden's pictureSubmitted by Tyl

    #Wynn-ing? Casino Magnate Joins Trump Campaign

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on
    09/04/2015 15:15 -0400

    In yet another somewhat surreal twist in The Donald's path to The White House, Fox Business reports the long, sometimes contentious relationship between Donald Trump and Steve Wynn has taken another turn, with the Las Vegas casino magnate serving as an unofficial adviser to Trump’s presidential campaign.

    Having known each other for 30 years, Fox's Gasparino notes that they have clashed in the past (Wynn on Turmp in 1998 "He's a fool," and Trump on Wynn "he's a very strange guy.") but in recent years both have been critical of the leftward tilt of the Democratic Party and president Obama.

    As Fox Business reports,

    People close to both men say Trump has been in constant contact with Wynn in recent weeks as his insurgent campaign to win the Republican 2016 presidential nomination continues to pick up steam—something press officials representing Trump and Wynn would not deny. These people say Wynn has offered advice and counsel to Trump on various issues, including whether Trump would rule out a third-party run, as he is expected to do later this afternoon.

    “They are talking regularly,” said one GOP operative with first-hand knowledge of the conversations. “Trump calls and asks Steve ‘how am I doing,” and then Steve tells him.”

    Michael Weaver, a spokesman for Wynn, told FOX Business that Wynn “speaks regularly to many of the candidates and whenever possible gives his best thoughts and ideas to them. He and Mr. Trump have known each other socially for many years. His conversations with Mr. Trump have not been much different than his conversations with the other candidates.”

    Weaver added: “I’m aware that he suggested to Mr. Trump that a third-party run would be unwise.”

    Likewise, Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks also would not deny the discussions.“They have been friends for 30 years and they have always had a great relationship,” she told FOX Business.
    Despite some tensions over the 30 years they have known each other, Gasparino reports, the two have more recently patched up their relationship.

    According to one published report, Trump attended Wynn’s wedding, and according to people who know both men, the relationship has flourished to the point that Trump is now in nearly constant contact with Wynn about his presidential campaign.

    Trump’s choice of Wynn, the head of Wynn Resorts, as an unofficial political adviser seems odd since the casino tycoon isn’t known for his political acumen, but according to GOP operatives, it fits in with the temperament of Trump’s campaign. At least so far, Trump has eschewed the normal trappings of a major presidential campaign. He hasn’t hired top political advisers, and according to one GOP operative, he hasn’t commissioned one private poll to weigh voter sentiment.
    * * *
    Of course, if you believe Paull Farrel, none of this matters - the market is done no matter what...

    A mega crash is coming, dropping half off its peak, down below Dow 5,000. Not just another 1,000-point correction like last month. But a heart-stopping collapse coinciding with the 2016 elections ... then a long systemic recession ... probably lasting till the 2020 presidential election, maybe longer matter who’s in the White House, Doanld Trump, Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton.

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