Your Move, America

October 3, 2013 by Ben Crystal


The Democrats wouldn’t negotiate. Instead, they slandered their opposition as terrorists, anarchists, cannibalistic pedophiles or whatever. The Republicans wouldn’t back down from their stand against the fraudulently passed and fraud-laden Obamacare. Meanwhile, they all exempted themselves from the main bone of contention. Two sides of the same coin argued over a bureaucratic behemoth that applies to neither of them, and they managed to raise their petty partisan squabbling to a level loud enough to drown out the crowd at a Seattle Seahawks game. And now, they’ve managed to “shut down” the government rather than reach some sort of compromise.
To be fair, the Republicans are closer to correct than the Democrats. Obamacare is riddled with fraud and waste, and President Barack Obama and his accomplices left virtually no lie untold in their campaign to impose it upon the rest of us. However, in the interest of further fairness, the Republicans knew this lumbering legislative golem slouched toward Washington, D.C., from the jump. Obama made clear his socialist sympathies long before the closing credits rolled on his coronation telecast. And his war to deploy the Obamacare blanket in order to smother America’s future took longer than the Ottoman siege of Vienna. The Republicans knew it was coming, but they snoozed at their posts until the Turks were in the town square.
Of course, now the GOP is howling at the moon over Obama’s and the Democrats’ mendacious brutality in forcing Obamacare down our throats. And some of them did manage to keep up the fight when Speaker of the House John Boehner and others took their eyes off the prize. Nonetheless, the idea that Congressional Republicans gladly accepted a career exemption from the same legislative monstrosity from which they’re supposedly rescuing the rest of us ought to hike more than few eyebrows.
All this week, both sides have hurled charges and countercharges at one another. But the fact that both sides are soaked in the stench of hypocrisy makes their squabble less Battle of the Bulge and more monkey feces fight at the zoo. The Democrats have proven that they’re better at lying, cheating and mugging than a New Orleans mayor. From exploiting deranged murderers and their victims in order to roll so-called “gun control” laws across America to reading your emails if they contain the words “tea,” “party” or even “Jesus,” they’ve relentlessly hammered away at our Constitutional freedoms. And while the Republicans have occasionally displayed spinal fortitude at least as resolute as overcooked spaghetti, they’ve cowered more than they’ve crowed.
The Democrats lied. But the Democrats nearly always lie. The Republicans backed up until they realized America was as disgusted by their cowardice as it was by the Democrats’ mendacity. Both played the same roles they’ve been playing for decades. Ultimately, the politicians behaved exactly the way politicians always behave without proper supervision.
And that brings me to the really tough part: If you’re looking for the getaway driver in the Obamacare crime story, take a gander at that cat in the mirror. From the most twisted Democrat to the least forthright Republican, every one of the career politicians in Washington, D.C., supposedly represents a sizable number of Americans. But with spare few exceptions, none of them seem particularly interested in what Americans have to say. And we let them wander this far down the Tyranny Throughway. They may have done the crime, but we’re doing the time.
Next fall, the Nation will head to the polls to judge our would-be leaders. If the past few years have left you feeling as nauseous as a bulimic watching Michael Moore eating dessert, consider your options. You can continue watching both sides gorge themselves on your freedom, or you can stop the gravy train.

–Ben Crystal

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