Zogby Poll: Obama is on the verge of failure

Posted on June 22, 2013 by BC

A failure for him is a win for America…

(Washington Examiner) – Pollster John Zogby reports in our weekly White House report card that dithering in the White House has President Obama losing control of his agenda and administration.

“President Obama has coined the term ‘leading from behind’. Your humble pollster suggests that he ‘falling behind in leading from behind’ as things are getting out of control. After months of dithering, the U.S. has decided to arm the rebels in Syria, but this comes at a time when the Assad regime is in the ascendancy. (Sort of like Paul Revere screaming, ‘The British were here. The British were here.’)

“Multiple reports suggest that HHS is not ready for Obamacare and the administration is not out there making its case. Kaiser reports that support for Obamacare is now only 35 percent. The G-20 Summit was a bust. And while the president tried to recapture the world stage and some of his 2008 magic with a speech at the Brandenberg Gate, it was a rehash and the crowd was small. And then there were more of the NSA leaks as the leaders were gathering. Bad week.”

Grade: D-

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