• Fighting Amnesty 101: Language and Preparations to Confront!

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    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Today we begin our efforts to defeat both Obama decree amnesty and the legislative amnesty that sellout Republicans and Democrats plan to ramrod into existence in the early days of 2013. Today's message is about how we need all of you able to use the right strategic language while making yourself immune to the word games and propaganda the illegals and their supporters plan to use to deceive, confuse, and politically anesthetize you!

    We have just received word that some of the Hispanic Republicans that are heavily invested in the success of the invasion of America and overthrow of our Republic using millions of imported voters, have launched a direct counter measure to ALIPAC.

    Their new Super PAC will be called "Republicans for Immigration Reform" and will be able to accept large amounts of money from corporations. They plan to target the candidates we have been supporting for removal while electing their own amnesty supporting henchmen.

    A new multi-million dollar Political Action Committee designed to counter ALIPAC added to the tool box of the illegal alien invasion movement is going to make our job much harder but we will prevail as we always have.

    Language and Confrontation

    To begin our amnesty defense, we need you all ready to participate in many facets.
    Remember, any time you see the words Immigration Reform that term has now been commandeered by the amnesty supporters. You will see ALIPAC add the word Amnesty to their titles as that is the word that kills their plans. Amnesty is the word that every traitor supporting the legalization of illegal immigrants in America wants to avoid and will also deny.

    Educating the public about the truth and what is really going on is essential to stopping the amnesty plans of the invaders. Attaching the word Amnesty to their language helps us achieve that goal.

    Any law that would change our existing laws to accommodate millions of illegal aliens and allow them to stay instead of having to return home is AMNESTY. "Immigration Reform", "Comprehensive Reform", "Dream Act", "Achieve Act" "Guest Worker Program". "Temporary worker Program", all equal AMNESTY. They will change the name again soon as they have to each time the American public figures out what the legislation really is. We have all observed this pattern over the last six years.

    So be prepared to use the word Amnesty again and again and to rewrite what they say into "immigration reform amnesty" and be ready to confront any and all of them when they say "Senator John McCain does not support amnesty! You have been misinformed by someone." Be prepared to verbally confront the amnesty supporters by attaching the term amnesty to them and not allowing them to escape playing word games. Many of these arrogant traitors we will fight believe they have the power to define what the word amnesty means to their liking due to their power, wealth, and dominance of mass communications.

    Those planning this next round of Amnesty plan to silence all of us by suppressing us on the web through mysterious hackers, strange happenings with Google and Facebook, and disappearing emails that all favor the amnesty pushers. Talk radio show hosts on the side of Americans have been losing their jobs and silenced from coast to coast in the last 12 months. And now even Fox News has only pundits pushing Amnesty and no voices of Americans like us now that their owner Rupert Murdoch has sworn allegiance to Michael Bloomberg's amnesty agenda.

    You are going to have to be ready in your online writings, talk show call ins, calls to lawmakers, and letters to lawmakers to firmly confront and attach the word "Amnesty" to those that deserve it.

    Those we are fighting are going to do their best to effectively deceive, confuse, and pacify the American populace to achieve their goals and it is up to us to adjust the language and to confront them.

    We have lots of new activists on our email alert list that are now joining our seasoned activists. We hope this refresher about how we wreck the word games of the invasion propagandists can help us stop their Amnesty and will be taken to heart by those that are new.

    More to come,

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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