• ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE CORRUPTING U.S. POLITICS BY CANCELLING OUT YOUR VOTES - Florida pushes back against holder, doj over illegal voters purge

    They are canceling out the votes of U.S. citizens. Democrats disenfranchise American citizens when illegal aliens, legal immigrants and other ineligible voters cast their ballots.

    Florida government officials yesterday responded to Attorney General Eric Holder's and the Obama Justice Department's claim that its statewide examination of voter records to identify illegal voters is illegal. One of the Sunshine State's top officials stated Wednesday that it is Holder and Department of Justice officials who are in violation of the law.

    "The Florida Department of State has a solemn obligation to ensure the integrity of elections in this state. Permitting ineligible, non-citizen voters to cast ballots undermines that mission and erodes the justified faith the electorate has in the fairness and reliability of the electoral process," said Florida Secretary of State Kenneth Detzner in a letter to the Justice Department.


    By NWV News writer Jim Kouri
    July 8, 2012

    "As Florida’s Chief Election Officer, I am committed to ensuring the accuracy of Florida’s voter rolls and the integrity of our elections. It is my duty to protect the right of all eligible voters who are able to participate in the process. This is the security that voters and candidates expect from us in every election. The Department will continue to act in a responsible and cautious manner when presented with credible information about potentially ineligible voters. No one that has the right to vote has been denied the opportunity to cast a vote, and as the Secretary, it is my duty to ensure that remains the case," stated Detzner's letter.

    Supporters of Florida's voters check say it is a legal means of clearing voter rolls of non-citizens or deceased registrants. But leftists and advocates for illegal aliens call it part of disenfranchising minority voters.

    "When will the GOP fight back against the Democrats' tired accusation that Republicans are trying to stop minorities from voting. It's the Democrats' 'get out the vote machine' that needs to be investigated. It's the Democrats who stand to gain by ignoring illegal voters," said political strategist Mike Baker.

    "As has been said in the past: If you wish to know what the Democrats are planning, just listen to what they accuse Republicans of doing. Democrats disenfranchise American citizens when illegal aliens, legal immigrants and other ineligible voters cast their ballots. They are canceling out the votes of U.S. citizens," Baker said.

    Detzner said Florida's actions were consistent with federal voting laws and his pointed comments indicated that Florida had no immediate intention of giving up its voter scrub effort.

    On June 1, Attorney General Eric Holder and the U.S. Justice Department demanded that the State of Florida -- considered a vital electoral state -- to stop checking voter records in that state's probe of illegal voter registrations.

    T. Christian Herren, who heads the Civil Rights Division at the U.S. Department of Justice, had warned Detzner in a separate letter last week that an ongoing search for and purging of non-eligible voters in Florida appeared to violate the 1965 Voting Rights Act that protects minorities.

    In the letter to Florida's Secretary of State Ken Detzner, who is in charge of elections, Herren claimed searching for illegal voters "seemed to violate the 1993 National Voter Registration Act" and its rules for maintaining "accurate and current" voter registration lists "in a uniform and non-discriminatory manner."

    However, critics of Holder and his underlings at DOJ believe this is another scheme to allow illegal immigrants, convicted felons and out-of-state residents to vote in Florida which has been a battleground state that can determine a winner by a mere few hundred votes.

    "Holder, Herren and their boss [President Barack] Obama have shown absolutely no proof of discrimination. If they're so worried about the integrity of voters' rights, why didn't they go after the New Black Panther Party who actually interfered with voters' rights?" asked political strategist Michael Baker.

    "Supporters of Governor Rick Scott's so-called purge of illegal voters, have been open about the purpose of it: to clear voter rolls of non-citizens. But Democrats continue say the Republican are attempting to prevent minorities and the poor will most probably vote Democratic," Baker stated.

    "While the Democrats and their [sic] crony organizations accuse Republicans freely and openly, rarely do you hear a Republican accuse Democrats of 'stuffing the ballot box' with illegal ballots. And yet, there is quite a bit of evidence of Democrat Party-affiliated groups involved in voter fraud. Did I hear the name ACORN?" quipped Baker.

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