• Fremont Nebraska Wins Against The Illegal Immigration Invasion and So Can You!

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    We are excited to report that another game changer has occurred and the American Defenders in Fremont, Nebraska, have won their battle to crack down on illegal immigration on the municipal level.

    Many of our long term supporters know that several years back, brave Americans in towns like Hazleton, PA, Farmers Branch, TX, Waukegan, IL, Prince William County, VA, and many others prevailed against illegal immigration with local ordinances. The trend began to spread thanks to activists like you who carried the efforts from town to town. Then, however, the wind was knocked out of our sails by court cases filed by the ACLU, MALDEF, LULAC, and other invasion-supporting groups.

    Yesterday, a federal court ruled that most of the Fremont, Nebraska, ordinance which requires local businesses to use the E-Verify system to only hire legal workers and requires screening of local renters for legal presence was upheld!

    Special congratulations to notorious illegal immigration fighter Kris Kobach for his hard work supporting this ordinance and court case.

    The illegal alien invasion supporting Associated Press tried to stop most Americans from receiving that news, and they put out a story that would run in most papers around the nation titled...

    Federal judge rejects most of Nebraska City's illegal immigration ordinance"

    ALIPAC activists quickly spotted the propaganda attempt by the Associated Press at the link below. We put out a warning to our national press list less than 2 hours after we detected the attempt to fool America and thus prevent our citizens from saying, "Hey, I should press for an ordinance in my town!"

    Associated Press Propaganda detected at this link...

    ALIPAC's National Media Warning Issued Last Night
    'Special Media Advisory: Fremont, NE Illegal Immigration Law Upheld, AP Lied'

    Shortly after ALIPAC's national release, the AP story was altered to reflect a more accurate version, pointing out that 3/4 of the Fremont, Nebraska, ordinance was upheld. Titles were changed on ABC News and other locations to...

    "Part of Neb. City's Illegal Immigrant Law Rejected"


    "Judge upholds most of Fremont's illegal immigrant ordinance"


    We need ALIPAC activists in every state to immediately approach every member of the town or city government closest to them with the following messages. ALIPAC will put out national media releases to reinforce your work, but we need you to SCRAMBLE INTO ACTION TODAY!

    Send the following message to all of the elected city lawmakers you can.

    "Dear _______, I am writing to ask you to follow the lead of Fremont, Nebraska, and to pass a copy of their ordinance that was recently upheld in court that would stop illegal aliens from taking jobs from Americans and legal immigrants in our town/city. While Judge Laurie Smith Camp struck down the part of the Fremont ordinance affecting illegal alien renters, the main thrust of the ordinance requiring local businesses to use the E-Verify system to reject illegal alien employees was upheld. Illegal immigration should be a federal issue, but since the federal government is not currently honoring its constitutional requirement to 'protect all states from invasion' (US Constitution Article 4), we need our states and cities taking steps to protect American citizens from the numerous negative consequences of illegal immigration. I hope to see our town standing up with Fremont, Nebraska, soon to stop and reverse illegal immigration on a local level. Here are the details of the Fremont, NE, ordinance"

    Ordinance text, details, news, and legal fund...
    Fremont, NE - Official Website - Immigration Ordinance News

    Let's rally ALIPACers! This court ruling in our favor can drastically affect the outcome of the illegal immigrant invasion if we move to flood the email boxes and ears of local officials with this news and ordinance!

    If you are taking action, or you have questions or suggestions, please post at the activism tracking link here...

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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