• Rep. Brooks: Criminal Immigrant Releases 'Another Example Of President Obama's Policies Betraying the American People'

    The revelation that Immigration and Customs Enforcement released more than 36,000 criminal immigrants last year is more proof that President Obama’s policies are bad for the American people, according to Alabama Republican Rep. Mo Brooks.

    “It’s another example of President Obama’s policies betraying the American people. And putting us at risk of criminal violence,” Brooks said in a phone interview with Breitbart News Monday.

    Last week the Center for Immigration Studies revealed that an internal ICE document showed that last year ICE released 36,007 criminal immigrants convicted of nearly 88,000 crimes.

    by Caroline May 19 May 2014, 11:30 AM PDT

    According to Brooks, lawmakers and should be “stunned” at the releases of criminal immigrants, awaiting the outcome of deportation proceedings, back into the United States, especially given the types of crimes for which a number were convicted — including murder and sexual assault.

    In terms of how it plays out however, he said, the American people will have to be the ones to decide.

    “The political dynamics are such, I don’t know how this is going to end up,” he said. “It really comes down to how the American people react to the President’s reckless disregard for established law.”

    The Alabama Republican noted that in the short view, the releases will further entrench House members who do not trust that the president will enforce future immigration laws.

    “Short term that will make it much less likely that the House will pass anything, because it’s further evidence that this president is going to disobey laws he does not like and only enforce ones he does. And that is the crux of the problem right now in the House of Representatives. We’re hesitant to pass anything, any compromise, because the president has made it clear that he won’t obey it. He’ll breach his agreement,” Brooks said.

    Brooks added that while most lawmakers — including himself — are for immigration reform, issues arise with the definitions.

    “The problem is we have wildly different meanings when we use the phrase immigration reform,” Brooks said. “To me for example getting someone in the White House who enforces our laws and deports illegal aliens, that’s immigration reform. But that is not what Chuck Schumer, or Harry Reid, or Barack Obama mean. What they mean is, ‘Gosh let’s hurry up and legalize these people so that they can become citizens so that they will influence elections.’ So that foreigners will be winning elections for Democrats rather than American citizens.”
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