• Historic Protests Against Illegal Immigration Across America Achieve Goals

    Historic Protests Against Illegal Immigration Across America Achieve Goals

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    For the first time in the history of America, hundreds of protests took place against illegal immigration within the last 24 hours!

    With a coalition of more than 50 groups and organizations of various sizes, protests against illegal immigration and the Obama inspired surge of illegals at America's borders took place in more than 300 locations. The protests were highly visible and some were small with a handful of people on overpasses with others being larger with hundreds of people. All American activists who participated in these historic protests are asked to post their local news reports, pictures, and videos to share with other citizens and the media at this link...

    "It is clear that the surge of illegal immigrants on our borders coming for the immigration reform amnesty promised by Obama and some Republicans has brought a great change in public views on this issue," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "There is a real political movement growing now! We hope it will manifest in the 2014 elections in the removal of immigration reform amnesty supporting Republicans like incumbent Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and in the defeat of a historic number of Obama allied Democrats this November!"

    The hundreds of protests have achieved the goals of raising public awareness of the Obama created border surge of illegals. The goal of putting politicians on notice was also achieved and several protest locations had candidates running for Congress present.

    These historic protests generated talk radio show attention, televised reports, and hundreds of local news reports, thus breaking through the media blockade against the effort maintained by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc.

    American defenders protesting in the past 24 hours were seen by incalculable numbers of drivers in their vehicles, and most protests are documenting frequent honks of support and gestures of support from a broad range of Americans.

    It is clear that a large volume of American citizens stand in solidarity with the citizens of Murrieta, CA, Oracle, AZ, and the 20 other locations where citizen activists have turned back Obama's federal smuggling operations and secret buses.

    To view our collection of pictures, videos, and news reports coming in from across America documenting the success of these historic protests, please visit this link..

    ALIPAC would like to thank all of the Americans who came out in the last two days, all of the different groups that really came together in coalition behind this effort, and all of the new media outlets that did their job right by telling people about these events beforehand! For interviews or to learn more about these protests against illegal immigration, please visit www.alipac.us.


    Protesters against illegal immigration outside the Mexican consulate in Raleigh, NC
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