• Amnesty Supporter Issa To Play Major Role in Illegal Immigration Reform Amnesty

    If Rep. Darrell Issa isn’t already busy enough, he’s about to have a major role in immigration reform.

    The California Republican, whose House Oversight Committee held hearings this week on the Benghazi attacks last Sept. 11, will now put together legislation to modify immigration rules for highly skilled and educated foreign workers, The Hill reports.

    The bill is part of continuing work on immigration reform by the House Judiciary Committee. So far, the panel has addressed bills dealing with agricultural workers and the e-verify system, the Hill reports.

    Saturday, 11 May 2013 07:43 PM
    By Todd Beamon

    Issa’s role is welcomed by the nation’s technology industry, which considers him an ally. Last year, the congressman helped lead the successful fight in Congress against the Stop Online Piracy Act.

    “From a tech industry perspective, we have a very strong relationship with Congressman Issa,” Peter Muller, director of government relations at Intel, told the Hill. “We've worked on a lot of issues with him over the years, including intellectual property issues.

    “There's a good strong relationship — and we think he'd be a good person to work with on immigration,” Muller said.

    The Judiciary Committee, of which Issa is a ranking member, expects for the bill to be introduced before Congress adjourns for the Memorial Day recess, an aide to the panel told the Hill.

    Committee Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte of Virginia said the legislation would be put forward “very soon” — probably as early as next week.

    He declined to provide specifics.

    “We gotta wait until it actually is produced before I say too much,” the GOP chairman told the Hill.
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