• May Day in Chicago: Gang of 8 Sen. Shares Stage with Illegals

    A sea of May Day protesters enter Chicago Federal Plaza.

    Two suspected illegal aliens on the verge of deportation shared a stage with Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin. The two suspected illegal aliens begged Durbin to stop their deportation proceeding, and Durbin spoke to the crowd shortly after and assured the crowd that his new “Gang of 8″ immigration reform committee will not only legalize the two illegal speakers but create loopholes for all sorts of other individuals now in the country illegally to avoid deportation and instead qualify for provisional legal status and ultimately full citizenship.

    May 2, 2013 By Michael Volpe

    Senator Durbin spoke in front of a crowd of about one thousand, mostly far-left radicals, at the 2013 May Day rally in Chicago. While organizers suggested that the 2013 edition of the May Day rally would focus on the Chicago Teachers Union’s fight with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel over school closures, instead, the theme of the rally was overwhelmingly the issue of illegal immigration, and specifically opening up more loopholes to allow illegal aliens to stay.

    E -Verify was one of several immigration policy boogeymen at the rally.

    Fasher Khan is an organizer and trainer with the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR), a far-left pro-illegal immigrant group based in Chicago that was instrumental in organizing the rally. He set the tone when he played up the importance of a roadmap for citizenship for millions of illegals all while minimizing the need for tougher border enforcement.

    “We need to ensure that there is a wide and inclusive roadmap to citizenship for all,” said Khan. He continued, “We must hold all government officials accountable to eliminate any over reach in enforcement.”

    Following Khan, two illegal aliens in the final stages of deportation proceedings took the stage to address the crowd with a set of sob stories. One, Anna Munoz, took to the podium speaking in English, and asked Durbin to help her with her case.

    “Senator Durbin, I want to ask you if you’re going to help me stay here,” she said, “I don’t want to be deported.”

    She was followed by another illegal alien who spoke in Spanish.

    Following these speakers, Senator Dick Durbin assured the crowd that under the bill he helped craft such individuals would be given legal status and eventually citizenship. He boasted that it was he who first introduced the DREAM Act back in 2000. During his speech, he asked the crowd how many of them have recently been approved for part of the new Obama administration Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals policy (DACA, the administrative DREAM Act that Obama announced in June, 2012). About one hundred people raised their hands and the crowd began to cheer.

    There were a series of May Day rallies all around the world on May 1, but they take on extra significance in the City of Chicago. That’s because the May Day rallies commemorate the Haymarket Riots on Tuesday May 4, 1886. In that event, a riot occurred during a labor rally for the eight-hour workday after an unidentified individual threw a dynamite bomb at the police, who responded in kind. A melee followed, and when all was said and done, seven police officers and four civilians had died.

    A series of high profile trials involving a group of anarchists followed the Haymarket Riots. All were initially found guilty, and four were hanged before then-Illinois Governor Phil Altgeld pardoned the remaining.

    One thing that hasn’t changed is the radical nature of the May Day rallies. Socialists, Marxists and anarchists are usually highly represented, along with their Big Labor cohorts. Durbin’s unabashed rapport with those who flout American laws and manipulate the immigration system, added a unique element to this year’s mix.
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