• New Powerful Tool For You To Use to Defeat Amnesty Again in 2013

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    The elites are rolling out more of their TV and talk radio super stars to promote what the media describes as Obama's rapid push for Amnesty.

    Things will be moving very quickly next Monday when Congress officially returns.

    We need all of you to understand and fully respond to ALIPAC's strategies. We will need you to work hard to generate a steady stream of calls, emails, and faxes to Congress while at the same time making comments both online and to talk radio shows.

    It is important that we all move together and that we have talking points that promote our strategies to win.

    There are many hot topics circulating, including the battle over gun rights, Benghazi Gate, Fast and Furious, the debt limit, and more.

    It will be up to us to draw the attention of the debate into fighting against Amnesty for illegal aliens.

    Here is an important example of a talking point we will add to our activism arsenal today!

    The Amnesty supporters know that Americans are most disturbed by a lack of secured borders for America. This is why their strategy to pass Amnesty in 2013 involves A. Promising to secure the border in the future in exchange for Amnesty today and B. Lying to claim that the borders of the US are now more secure than ever.

    A new study we are releasing to you today fully exposes their lies!

    The Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the Washington Times are reporting that our border patrol is only stopping about 61% of illegal crossers on our southern border and while attempted illegal crossings are decreasing, over 200,000 are still getting in each year.

    These estimates do not include the number of illegals overstaying visas, coming in by sea or our northern border, coming in on Obama's new Mexican truck pilot project, or just flying in on commercial jets of which we have documented many instances.

    Please take the initial steps of utilizing this powerful new information today!

    1. Read, share, and circulate this article. (post links in online forums, send to others by email or using social media, send electronic and printed copies to lawmakers, etc...)

    GAO Report: Border Patrol Intercepts Only 61% of Illegal Border Crossers

    2. We will add this talking point to our official list of talking points for 2013, please add this to your communications with others.

    "A new report by the Government Accountability Office and the Washington Times (January 9, 2013) proves our American borders are left open and unsecured with almost 40% of illegals, over 200,000 per year, entering the United States by ground passage alone! Secure our borders from illegal immigrants, drug smugglers, and terrorists now!"

    You should begin to use this talking point and supporting information in your activism now because next week you will need to use it a lot.

    This new study gives us a very powerful tool to slow the momentum of the Amnesty pushers which now include Republican personalities like Senators Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, along with radio show personality Sean Hannity. You will receive more information soon on how ALIPAC members can target their activism to ensure the greatest impact.

    Yours in the cause,

    Willam Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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