• Obama Amnesty Decree Equals Election Nullification & Martial Law for America

    Obama Amnesty Decree Equals Election Nullification & Martial Law for America

    November 19, 2014

    Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) (866) 703-0864 | WilliamG@alipac.us

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC's President William Gheen is taking to talk radio shows across America to warn US Citizens and legal immigrants that Obama's dictatorial and totalitarian amnesty decree is imminent and that his declaration will be tantamount to a form of martial law in America and a policy nullification of the historic midterm elections of 2014!

    Obama himself stated the obvious constitutional fact that he could not make laws or declare amnesty for illegals 22 times before changing course after historic losses for Democrats in the 2014 midterm elections where voters rejected his immigration plans by a massive margin at the polls!

    In an effort to help lead the national defense against Obama's planned tyranny and to mobilize American activists, ALIPAC is conducting media interviews asking Americans to "Stop Obama" by calling DC offices in unprecedented numbers to oppose amnesty, to ask Republicans to bypass Obama facilitators John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, to encourage lawmakers to impeach both Obama and Biden to put the Speaker of the US House in charge of the Executive Branch functions until constitutional governance can be restored, and to prepare to engage in peaceful civil disobedience actions designed to slow or stop any unconstitutional orders like 'Executive Amnesty' coming from Washington DC!

    "As Americans loyal to our Republic, flag, and the Constitution, we are required to rebel en mass against any enemy foreign or domestic that attempts to destroy our nation from within as Obama is attempting to do by decreeing amnesty for millions of illegals!" said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. "Obama is sending a clear message to all American citizens with his amnesty decree that our existing laws, our Congress, our Constitution, and our elections mean nothing and have become a charade designed to keep citizens docile."

    ALIPAC interviews and broadcasts include discussions about what citizens can do to fight back, what Congress can do to fight back, and how Obama's actions may qualify as Treason, Martial Law, and election nullification.

    "The American people have spoken clearly in numerous scientific polls, in elections, and through their lawmakers in Washington who have rejected the kind of Amnesty Obama is about to declare at least 7 times!" said William Gheen. "The American public, media, and lawmakers, must rise up and stop Obama by any means necessary otherwise America descends into a form of oligarchy and dictatorship that destroys our freedoms and way of life that every American soldier and taxpayer has sacrificed to sustain."

    ALIPAC is asking Americans of all races and walks of life who are dedicated to what little remains of our peaceful and political system in America to get on the phones to DC in unprecedented numbers to 'Stop Obama' (click here for details)

    For interviews, more information, or to join our email alerts and social media pages please visit www.ALIPAC.us

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