• Red Alert: Illegal Alien Amnesty Fight 2012 Supreme Court and Rubio

    UPDATE 1pm EST: Amnesty Supporter Rubio is hiding behind voice mail and we have new numbers you can use....

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    There is an effort to pass Amnesty for illegal aliens underway in the compromised media and the US Senate today. Currently,we eagerly await the US Supreme Court ruling on Arizona's SB 1070 which could give us a brief opportunity to go on offense against illegal immigration in America!

    This email is an effort to warn you and get you organized quickly. We have beaten them before and ALIPAC can beat them again, if enough of you rise to the occasion.

    The fate of Amnesty for illegal aliens will be decided in this year's elections. There will be legislation that US Senator Marco Rubio, a man that gutted 31 of our illegal immigration fighting bills in the Florida legislature, plans to file soon.

    As you can see in these articles, Marco Rubio plans to have his 'Republican Version' of the Dream Act Amnesty in place before college students return to school in Fall 2012! He is also traipsing about with Mitt Romney in Florida today!

    Article (Please read, understand, utilize, and circulate)
    Rubio Wants GOP DREAM Act AMNESTY for illegals in Place in Time for Fall College Semester

    Dream Act Amnesty Supporter Marco Rubio hits the trail with Mitt Romney


    Step 1: Call this new Amnesty supporting traitor Senator Marco Rubio and tell him what you think of his illegal alien Amnesty plans.

    Remember that all calls are monitored and while you should be firm, don't go over the top or Janet Napolitano of Homeland Security will put you in a bag and hold you up for the nation to see.

    Call Rubio's offices with your own version of our sample messages.

    "I'm calling to tell Senator Rubio that I am one of the vast majority of Americans who oppose his illegal alien Dream Act Amnesty plans."


    "I'm calling/writing to tell Senator Rubio that I oppose his illegal alien Amnesty plans and that I will work to make sure that his political career is ended. Accurate polls show that Americans oppose Dream Act Amnesty concepts 2 to 1 (Rasmussen Polling Oct 2007) and Senator Rubio has made a big career mistake trying to become the next John McCain and Lindsay Graham with illegal immigration issues. Dream Act Amnesty for illegal aliens will only encourage more illegal aliens and the courts will eventually allow Marco Rubio's illegal aliens voting rights, which will steal political power from millions of innocent Americans. Rubio's Dream Act Amnesty bill will cost many Americans their votes, jobs, taxpayer resources, and very lives. We need immigration enforcement not Amnesty!"

    LIGHT UP THOSE PHONE LINES NOW USING THESE NUMBERS! Remember, calls are the most effective tool you have.

    Senator Marco Rubio
    DC Office
    317 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington DC, 20510
    Phone: 202-224-3041

    Senator Marco Rubio
    201 South Orange Avenue
    Suite 350
    Orlando, FL 32801
    Phone: (407) 254-2573
    toll free in Florida 1-866-630-7106


    Step 2: Make sure you use your preferred search engine and your phone to locate the name, party affiliation, phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses for....

    A. Your state house representative
    B. Your state senate representative
    C. Your state governor's offices
    D. The rest of your state lawmaker delegation.

    Finding this information is easy, you simply search on "(your state name, legislature)" and then use the directories and features you find on the main website to locate your representatives.

    When the US Supreme Court makes a ruling on Arizona's SB 1070, we will have a brief opportunity for a lobbying and legislative blitz in every state if the ruling goes our way.

    ALIPAC will need your dedicated help in leading the national charge to spread SB 1070 to every state possible as quickly as possible in the case of a Supreme Court win. Don't assume it will happen on its own, it wont! Only a massive public outcry for the legislation will move lawmakers our way. Please locate the contact information you will need and have it handy this week!

    Please let us know what you hear from Rubio's employees. Or if you have questions or need help locating contact information for your state lawmakers, please make a post at this activism tracking link....


    The ALIPAC Team
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