• Red Dawn USA: Socialist Final Solution Plans Revealed

    Red Dawn USA: Socialist Final Solution Plans Revealed

    March 12, 2015

    William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

    I was deeply flattered when the George Soros funded pro amnesty group "People For the American Way" or PFAW listed me as one of the top 4 men in America fighting their plans to change America by turning tens of millions of illegal aliens into voters. Indeed, it was a badge of honor for me to be listed next to Tom Tancredo, Kris Kobach, and Mark Krikorian as the main targets of the smear merchants and paid online character assassins!

    I even accepted their nomination as a top member of the American Resistance to their tyrannical and destructive plans, rebutted their lies with documentation point by point, and had a social media meme made that says "If you are looking for someone that can really piss off some illegal immigration supporters, I'm your guy!"

    Each day the Soros and PFAW minions hover over every word I type and every word I say, and their mission is to quickly run ahead with the information I impart to the low information crowd where they do all they can to twist what I've said to make it sound silly or implausible.

    Since the smear merchants are very upset and trying to take what I say out of context once again, I'm responding by publishing the entire interview to throw it back in their dumbfounded faces. Please take the time to hear my messages and to share this interview video...

    Red Dawn USA: Socialist Final Solution 4 Conservatives with illegal immigration & amnesty

    They are angrier at me than ever now that I am pointing out the fact that these socialists plan to give illegal aliens taxpayer subsidies for food, housing, education, cell phones, and healthcare, and they plan to give them work permits that will allow illegals to apply for any jobs in America. Thus, I am being brutally honest
    when I point out that the socialists behind this illegal alien invasion of America plan to give illegal aliens government jobs, many of which will involve dispensing badges, guns, and ammunition, and positions of dominion and authority over American citizens.

    This is exactly what they plan to do and this is exactly what we already see happening in states like California. And while they are screaming at me for saying this, do they really plan to claim the illegals being given work permits by Obama are not going to be allowed in any job in America because so far there is no evidence of any restrictions on their employment?

    My prediction is so accurate that this past weekend, the President of PFAW himself, Mr. Michael Keegan, finally stepped forth to spit his venom my way under his own name in a blog entry at the pro amnesty publication Huffington Post. In his targeting of me, Michael Keegan claims that "Republicans Stop At Nothing to Attack Immigrants," when he knows full well that our organization has the support of many legal immigrants whom we represent in this debate.

    But Keegan and his fellow socialists at PFAW and the Huffington Post never worry much about glaring contradictions in their comments. They are all about what I call the "Bullhorn Effect." In many nations that have been taken over by socialists and communists, those who fought against the "revolutionaries" were often sent to "reeducation camps" or gulags where they could expect slave labor and long tortuous deaths after they had been berated by shills like Keegan over the loudspeakers for a few weeks or months.

    Many American POWs faced this kind of barrage of steady propaganda when in the custody of the Viet Cong and many of us remember the scene from the 1980s film "Red Dawn" when the main characters go to find their dad in a camp behind chain link fence with the Keegan type bull horns blaring in the background... "Boys! Avenge Me"!

    So the truth is of no concern for the likes of Michael Keegan and the kind of costly and deadly illegal alien invasion he is helping to conduct in America.

    In fact, obscuring the truth and attempting to besmirch the reputation and character of those espousing the truths that threaten his illegal aliens' socialist transformation of America is what Michael Keegan and his paid character assassins at PFAW are paid to do!

    Keegan bemoans the fact that many Republicans in Congress sound just like William Gheen whom he considers to be a fringe paranoid conspiracy theorist, and he is terribly concerned that such "fringe" ideas are emanating from members of Congress. His suggestion is, of course, that voices like mine should be silenced through further censorship in the media or perhaps even more austere means.

    But if I were just a "wild and crazy guy" with an arrow through my head that nobody should pay attention to, then why would George Soros spend so many millions of dollars lavishing such baleful attention on little ole me and others like me?

    But the reason so many Republicans are saying the things I'm saying is not because of the influence of ALIPAC, but because we are all trying our best to represent the large majority of Americans who oppose illegal immigration and any form of amnesty that will only bring more destructive illegal immigration. And for any doubters we have assembled a large and growing compilation of scientific and certified polls proving our point on that.

    When I speak, I speak for most Americans on the core topics of opposing illegal immigration and amnesty. When Michael Keegan speaks, he represents what was once a small minority of views detested by most Americans before his army of tens of millions of illegal aliens were imported to overcome the native citizens of America.

    And here is the latest comment that has the President of PFAW in an uproar. I wonder if his boss George Soros called him personally to demand the he do something to contain my words of truth?

    On a recent talk radio show interview I shared many of the cutting edge depictions of where I believe the battle to save America from these socialists is and in the discussion with VCY America "Crosstalk" host Vic Eliason I said:

    "[I] wouldn't put anything past [the administration, because] the people who are supporting the organized and well-funded illegal alien invasion of our homeland have the blood of many thousands of Americans on their hands that have been killed, injured raped and robbed by illegal immigrants."

    First, I'd like to say that the Crosstalk show on VCY America is a wonderful broadcast that goes out over 20 radio stations in America and they have nothing to hide. A podcast of each show they do is available online for all to see and hear in their entirety (click link).

    Second, each time I go on Crosstalk we get a surge of new e-mail alert sign ups and emails of support at our main website www.ALIPAC.us. We get a great response from a great audience in America.

    Third, I can often tell how well I am doing based on how angry and upset I make the socialists like Michael Keegan and the PFAW, Soros, Right Wing Watch, and Internet trolls! And my latest broadcast, which can be heard in its entirety (click here), has them so upset that one of the top tentacles of the global vampire George Soros has stepped forth on the battlefield!

    Michael Keegan and his ilk are the most despicable types of liars because by attacking those of us who are trying to save American jobs, homes, and lives from the destruction illegal immigration brings to each, they seek to conceal the mass atrocities being committed against Americans by their illegal aliens.

    The truth they fear the most is public knowledge of the thousands of Americans who are losing their lives each year due to our own government's failure to adequately enforce our existing border and immigration laws. And these thousands of our innocent citizens killed and cut down down by the broader criminal acts of illegals, such as gang violence and drunk driving, are just the tip of the larger iceberg of the number of Americans assaulted, robbed, and raped by illegals that probably number in the millions!

    And then when you consider the number of Americans killed or injured by the chemical weapon drugs like cocaine and meth that the same Mexican cartels which have been armed at taxpayer expense by six different federal agencies as part of the Obama administration's Fast and Furious Gun Walker scandal have aimed at American children.

    Most of these victims of illegal alien crimes are suffering because of the direct impact of policies being implemented by politicians and elected officials like Bush and Obama, and the death toll and suffering is actively censored in the mass media by the guardians of that censorship--George Soros funded smear organizations like PFAW led by Michael Keegan.

    Thank God that when I lay down to sleep at night or look in the mirror to shave I know that I am trying my best to stop these unlawful and unconstitutional Republic overthrowing immigration policies from harming more people.

    When Micheal Keegan puts his head on his pillow each night he should remember how he works hard to conceal mass atrocities committed by invaders that he hopes to have dominating US elections in the near future.

    There is blood on his hands and the hands of every illegal immigration and amnesty supporting politician and public personality, many of which we have listed on ALIPAC's "Amnesty Supporters" list. (click here)

    Michael Keegan and PFAW want people to believe that I'm crazy and lying when I talk about all the Americans killed by illegals but the documentation of those deaths are in our archives at www.alipac.us.

    Michael Keegan and his internet troll squad are very upset that I once typed a comment under a video on YouTube where I said, "Illegal aliens and their supporters are the Nazis" and they left off the part where I said "and the Americans are the Jews." Well, the national socialists we refer to as Nazis conducted a form of genocide against many different types of people and after the war was over researchers found that most German citizens claimed "we did not know" of the atrocities being committed because the atrocities were censored by the German media just like mention of large groups of Americans being killed by illegals is not allowed in American media today!

    Why is it considered to be the height of evil for the National Socialist Nazis of Germany to engage in government policies that directly contributed to mass atrocities being committed against citizens of nations under their control, yet here in America in 2015, I'm the bad guy for telling the truth about a similar phenomenon happening here?

    My great grandfather was a squadron commander who flew sorties against the Nazis over the Ardennes Forest during the Battle of the Bulge, and according to these communists and socialists he would be labeled a Nazi himself for advocating our existing border and immigration laws be adequately enforced today!

    So all of you illegal alien invasion supporters can keep on pouring all your hatred and energies on me. Your flak means that I am right over the correct targets in this battle and try as you may to convince others not to listen to what I have to say, the truth remains my ally and your bane.

    I will continue to tell the truth, and the truth that you socialists fear the most is that each and every one of you has blood on your hands because of your active participation on the side of illegal alien invaders that are raping, stealing, and killing across America. I know your names and I'm telling the world and I will continue to fight on the side of the innocent American defenders standing with our flag, our Constitution, and our nation America.
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