• ILLEGAL ALIENS FIRST, USA LAST IS LITERALLY KILLING US: America’s Dirty Big Secret — The Syria Next Door

    Can one conclude by comparing Mexico’s cartel violence and casualty numbers to Syria’s violence casualty numbers that Mexico’s cartel violence and cross over violence on American soil may be may be serving the interests of Obama, his Administration, and Moderate Republican aristocratic establishment? – Marshall’s Law Dateline

    Texas Drifter: America’s Dirty Big Secret — The Syria Next Door

    Published By: Texas Drifter on June 5, 2012

    The following numbers might start putting cross border violence on America soil in perspective.

    INS/FBI Statistical Report on Undocumented Immigrants (November 12, 2006)

    2006 (First Quarter) INS/FBI Statistical Report on Undocumented Immigrants

    CRIME STATISTICS 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.

    83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix are for illegal aliens.

    86% of warrants for murder in Albuquerque are for illegal aliens.

    75% of those on the most wanted list in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Albuquerque are illegal aliens.

    24.9% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally

    40.1% of all inmates in Arizona detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally

    48.2% of all inmates in New Mexico detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally

    29% (630,000) convicted illegal alien felons fill our state and federal prisons at a cost of $1.6 billion annually

    53% plus of all investigated burglaries reported in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens.

    50% plus of all gang members in Los Angeles are illegal aliens from south of the border.

    71% plus of all apprehended cars stolen in 2005 in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California were stolen by Illegal aliens or “transport coyotes”.

    47% of cited/stopped drivers in California have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 47%, 92% are illegal aliens.

    63% of cited/stopped drivers in Arizona have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 63%, 97% are illegal aliens

    66% of cited/stopped drivers in New Mexico have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 66% 98% are illegal aliens.

    66% plus of all births in California are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal whose births were paid for by taxpayers.

    Cartel related deaths in Mexico for last five years are estimated to be between eighty thousand to one hundred thousand; many of murdered are never found plus Mexican government does not like to damage their tourist industry by truthfully reporting cartel murder numbers.

    Syria: Number of people who have died in Syria over the past year as according to a statement by UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon is estimated eight thousand which is well below estimated twenty thousand year estimated deaths a year in Mexico

    United States: Homicides and DUI deaths average about twenty thousand year, totaling estimated one hundred thousand for five years; using conservative factor of twenty five; illegal immigrants alone are responsible for deaths of estimated twenty thousand Americans in recent years. Contemporary popular Liberal Democrat and RINO saying: Stop violence in Syria now in name of humanity. Guess Liberal Democrats and Moderate Republican establishment aristocrats do not consider Americans humans as neither of these two groups are denouncing deaths of American citizens by illegal immigrants.

    Question why would Obama Democrats and RINO s tolerate illegal immigrants murdering not counting other violent crimes like rape, robbery, assault, sexual abuse of children, drug crimes, and property crimes against Americans by illegal immigrants?

    Answers are simple: Internationalist Marxist-fascist Democrats are motivated by lust for power to stay in office by depending on illegal votes by illegal immigrants. RINOs are motivated by snobbish greed for internationalist trade deals with their socialite aristocrat friends in places like Mexico.

    Excerpts from Jim Kouri

    June 22, 2006

    Illegal aliens linked to rise in crime statistics

    A recent study estimated that there were about 10 million illegal aliens living in the United States as of March 2005. The study estimated that nearly 700,000 aliens entered the United States illegally or overstayed their authorized period of stay each year between 2000 and 2004. Some experts believe this is an overly conservative figure and that illegal immigrants number close to 20 million.

    At the same time, after a steady annual reduction in crime, the annual FBI Uniform Crime Report reveals a slow but sure yearly increase in crime, especially violent crime. Some criminologists attribute the rise in crime to illegal aliens who come into the United States with a criminal background.

    In the population study of a sample of 55,322 illegal aliens, researchers found that they were arrested at least a total of 459,614 times, averaging about 8 arrests per illegal alien. Nearly all had more than 1 arrest. Thirty-eight percent (about 21,000) had between 2 and 5 arrests, 32 percent (about 18,000) had between 6 and 10 arrests, and 26 percent (about 15,000) had 11 or more arrests. Most of the arrests occurred after 1990.

    They were arrested for a total of about 700,000 criminal offenses, averaging about 13 offenses per illegal alien. One arrest incident may include multiple offenses, a fact that explains why there are nearly one and half times more offenses than arrests. Almost all of these illegal aliens were arrested for more than 1 offense. Slightly more than half of the 55,322 illegal aliens had between 2 and 10 offenses. …. (End of Excerpt)

    Another Reference Source Excerpt:



    Good afternoon. My name is John M. Morganelli and I am the elected District Attorney in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. I have served as District Attorney for twelve (12) years and I am a past President of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association, a statewide Association of prosecutors in Pennsylvania.

    I have no doubt that they (legal immigrants), like many before them and many who will come after them, will be productive citizens contributing to the greatness of America.

    Unfortunately, there are also those who come to America illegally. They come not with any intent to commit to the American way, but rather to evade the law, commit crime and impact negatively on our country. In the last ten (10) years, there has been a staggering increase in the number of illegal aliens residing in Pennsylvania. INS, now ICE, estimated that the illegal alien population of Pennsylvania in 1992 to be about 27,000. In 1996 that number jumped 37% to approximately 37,000. The 2000 census suggests that the number of illegal aliens in Pennsylvania is somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000. Nationwide, the estimates of illegal aliens living in the United States is somewhere between 9 and 13 million.

    Despite the voices of those who naively believe that the influx of this estimated 9 to 13 million illegal aliens into the United States is a positive thing, the fact of the matter is that illegal immigration is having an extremely negative impact upon America at many levels.

    Unfortunately, the majority of illegal aliens who are here are engaged in criminal activity. Identity theft, use of fraudulent social security numbers and green cards, tax evasion, driving without licenses represent some of the crimes that are engaged in by the majority of illegal aliens on a daily basis merely to maintain and hide their illegal status. In addition, violent crime and drug distribution and possession are also prevalent among illegal aliens. Over 25% of today’s federal prison population is illegal. (End of excerpt)

    Numbers detailing crimes by illegal immigrants can be vague as most government bureaucrats do not wish to embarrass illegal immigrants by keeping accurate crime statistics on a segment of America’s population that represents ten percent of the population and commits by good estimates thirty to forty percent of violent and property crimes in America.

    Doubt this observation, in 2010 there were an estimated 1,246,248 violent crimes and also in 2010 an estimated 9,082,887 property crimes committed in America. Using a ten year old out of date factor twenty five, results still suggest that illegal immigrants committed estimated three hundred eleven thousand plus violent crimes, and estimated two hundred and twenty seven thousand plus property crimes against Americans in one year – 2010. Using a more current multiple factor would no doubt increase those numbers.

    Also to be considered for year 2010, there was estimated twenty thousand plus rapes committed by illegals, and most rapes committed by illegals are never reported. Additionally these numbers do not include illegals involvement in narco-trafficking of drugs and related criminal industries. Also not included are domestic violence cases caused by illegals.

    First step in shining truth on this problem is creating accurate reports by including individual’s legal status on all government records. Explaining to public bureaucrats who need things explained too, all documents will be available to public by spirit of FOI (Freedom of Information) statues. Bureaucrats who interfere lose their jobs and pensions, no exceptions.

    Common sense premise: illegals not allowed into U.S. by porous borders, and not allowed to remain in U.S. with promises of amnesty cannot commit millions of violent and property crimes against American citizens and legal residents. Remember: America es mi casa, America no es tu casa; legal immigrants are welcome illegal immigrants not welcome.

    Closing thought: if families of servicemen who die on active duty get letters; family members and friends of citizens victimized by illegal immigrants should send public letters to Moderate Republicans whose policies make them accessories to crimes committed by illegal immigrants. No point in sending letters to Obama or Democrat accessories of illegal immigrants’ crimes as Progressive Democrats are all evil and just do not care.

    Part Two of this writing exercise is one such sample letter. Now that America’s dirty big secret is no longer a secret; all that remains is to see if Americans have the courage to protect their loved ones and friends from Moderate Republican tolerated illegal immigrant crimes.


    Sample letter to specific Moderate aristocratic Republican establishment member like presumptive nominee Romney, Texas Drifter has no illusions that Americans who are victims of illegals’ violent crimes would not write more heart felt letter than this sample public letter.

    Dear Candidate Romney,

    Doubt if your staff whose job is to protect you from the real world will ever show you this letter.

    My sixteen year old daughter was recently indescribably raped and savagely murdered by a serial criminal illegal immigrant. The illegal that did this to my only precious child entered America through the porous southern border you tolerate; and kept returning to America after being deported many times in hopes of getting the amnesty you support.

    No one knows how many other parents’ precious children that illegal has raped and murdered.

    I do not completely understand why you support allowing illegals to enter America as a “social relief valve” to prevent revolution in Mexico; to protect your rich Mexican business friends. Explaining not complaining, working men like me do hot have lot of extra time to study foreign affairs.

    What I do understand is silence of my now lonely home. My wife could not handle what happened to our precious child, and just died from sadness.

    I also understand what it is like to walk past my daughter’s now silent room which used to vibrate with music I never understood.

    I now understand the loneliness of knowing that I will never see my daughter go on her first date, become a cheerleader, attend her first prom, or hear her call home from college asking for an advance on her allowance.

    I understand that I will never see her graduate from college and become the therapist she always wanted to be to help disadvantaged children.

    Thanks to your policies I will never see my little angel walk down the aisle in whitest dress I have ever seen; or hold my first grandchild.

    As much pain as you and your moderate Republican allies’ immigration policies have caused me; my Christian faith prevents me from hoping what your policies did to my family happens to your family. Only thing that keeps me going is my faith that judgment day is personal.

    For what it is worth, which is probably not much; I am writing this letter to you setting on the edge of my little angel’s bed.

    Just Another Broken Hearted American.

    Texas Drifter Note: Again, preceding letter is inadequate attempt to convey thoughts for American families that Romney and his RINO allies have destroyed and will destroy with their America last illegal immigrants’ first immigration policies.
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