• Two Election Miracles of 2014 Show Americans Oppose Immigration Reform 2 to 1

    November 11, 2014

    by William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

    While Obama plans to violate the US Constitution again by decreeing a larger amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, his fear of impeachment is low since many Republican "leaders" are trying to assist him by passing a "secure the borders first" bill that would have the same border, law, and nation destroying impact for American citizens.

    Yet, two election miracles that occurred in 2014 may give the American public what we need to break through this national trap the elites have crafted around us that furthers the illegal alien invasion of our American homeland.

    The truth is that a large majority of Americans oppose immigration reform amnesty for illegals, and since the top Democrats and Republicans alike continue to support such plans regardless of election and poll results, it means most Americans are currently enduring taxation without representation on a systemic scale. And this creates an intolerable situation in America which was founded on the principle that our citizens would have the entire Constitution to assure that would never happen here again!

    The two election miracles of 2014 were the defeat of Eric Cantor and Oregon's defeat of Measure 88, both of which prove most Americans do not support immigration reform! Both of these stunning upsets can be used to help elected officials understand the true views of Americans and the true power of the immigration issue in campaigns.

    Miracle 1: Measure 88 Destroyed 2 to 1

    In the deep Democrat blue state of Oregon where Republicans and conservatives have little chance of winning statewide elections, anti-illegal immigration groups succeeded in getting a state law designed to provide licenses for illegal immigrants put on the ballot for referendum.

    These state level groups like Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR) notified national groups like ALIPAC, Overpasses for America, and NumbersUSA about their effort, and the national groups in turned reinforced their ground game.

    The elites backing the costly and deadly illegal alien invasion of America weighed in with massive financial support to try to pass Measure 88 and out funded those opposed by more than 10 to 1. But on election night the Americans of Oregon representing every race and political party smacked down Measure 88 by a vote of 66% (no) to 34% (yes)! The raw vote was 906,862 Oregon citizens voting no on Measure 88 while 458,916 voted yes!

    In a nation where the campaign that spends the most wins, the Measure 88 upset was nothing short of an election miracle!

    And the message is clear that the vast majority of Americans oppose licenses for illegal immigrants and oppose immigration reform that would give illegals a path to citizenship and a license to drive along with voting rights! ALIPAC's large collection of polls about illegal immigration (click here) were proven correct while contradicting propaganda polls were proven false.

    All the designer polls making the false claim that most Americans favor a pathway to citizenship were proven wrong because otherwise, why would Oregonians oppose licenses for illegals 2 to 1 then turn around and give them licenses, welfare, and voting rights via immigration reform decrees from Obama or legislation from Republican leaders?

    The strategic power and usefulness of state level groups in the fight against illegal immigration was so apparent in Oregon that ALIPAC is creating a national list of groups. This list is currently under construction (click here) and will be used to direct more activists, volunteers, and donors towards good state level groups fighting illegal immigration.

    Now, we need activists to take the details about how and why Measure 88 to was voted down 2 to 1 in liberal Oregon and saturate state and federal lawmakers in the states that have recently started giving licenses to illegals including California which intends to give 1.4 million licenses out to illegals!

    The current 10 states willfully giving licenses to illegal immigrants are...

    California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Vermont and Washington, plus the District of Columbia.

    Obama's first Amnesty decree that Congress took no action to prevent or reverse known as DACA Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals allows illegal aliens to get licenses in most states. This is how North Carolina recently detected large numbers of illegals registering to vote at DMV locations! (click for details)

    Miracle 2: Eric Cantor Destroyed by Immigration Reform

    The second known election miracle of 2014 was the defeat of Eric Cantor in his GOP primary in Virginia when challenger Dave Brat took him down. Cantor fell because he was honest with voters and told them he did indeed support "immigration reform." Other politicians such as US Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) escaped the wrath of Republican voters by lying about their positions saying "No Amnesty" and then supporting that lie with millions of dollars of marketing.

    The reason the Dave Brat victory over Eric Cantor was an elections miracle is because political scientists have proven that the campaign that spends the most wins more than 90% of the time! Yet Dave Brat running in opposition to immigration reform as a central campaign issue took down immigration reform amnesty supporter Eric Cantor by a huge margin of 56% to 44% on election night.

    Winning by more than 10% points is the definition of an electoral landslide!

    Yet Eric Cantor used pro immigration reform amnesty Wall Street funds to outspend Dave Brat 41 to 1! Eric Cantor spent more money on steak houses ($168,000) than Dave Brat did on almost his entire campaign. Brat raised $206,000 through May 21, and at least an additional $16,600 after that, while Cantor raised $5.1 million, and another $298,000 afterward!

    The terms "immigration reform" and "secure the borders first" have become synonymous with amnesty for illegal aliens since both are in constant use by politicians like Eric Cantor, John Boehner, John McCain, etc. and by media spokesmen for amnesty backer Rupert Murdoch's Fox News like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly.

    Both terms are now toxic with the public that has realized that "secure the borders first" means "secure the borders never," and the entire game plan and intent of the mega wealth supporters of the costly and deadly illegal alien invasion of America is to overthrow American citizens and our Republic. The plan behind more than 12 million illegal aliens being assisted into America involves displacing and replacing us in our homes, jobs, and elections with imported immigrants who have antagonistic views of the remnants of European colonization.

    Stopping and reversing amnesty and illegal immigration is a matter of national and personal survival because the end game of this elite plot involves the destruction of our national borders and identity, and may also involve the slaughter of many more Americans than the current few thousand being killed by BushObamaClinton's current population of illegal immigrants in America.

    Using Cantor and Measure 88 Defeats to Stop Immigration Reform Amnesty

    But the American public may have been given a chance to politically fight our way out of this well financed trap we are in that involves us being surrounded on all sides by those that own most of the DC politicians, media, and Internet technologies surrounding and spying on us like Google and Facebook.

    We want to encourage every America to educate themselves on the details of the two election miracles of the 2014 elections and to use this knowledge to bombard lawmaker offices with this information on a sustained basis to drive them away from Obama's plan to decree amnesty and the GOP leadership's plan to pass immigration reform amnesty.

    If enough citizen activists will properly utilize the hard won battles against Eric Cantor and Oregon's Measure 88 properly, these examples can have great power to influence others!

    We need every elected official from Obama on down to the local dog catcher to be aware of what the American public was really saying to our government when so many of us spoke out against illegal immigration and any form of amnesty with our votes in the 2014 elections!

    The defeat of Eric Cantor and Measure 88 can mean the defeat of immigration reform amnesty if groups and citizen activists properly understand and utilize these two election miracles of 2014!


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