• Warning--Mitt Romney Promises GOP Senate Will Pass Amnesty for Illegals to Obama's Desk

    We will elect a lot of Republicans Tuesday voting against Obama and his policies!

    On Nov 5, we start going after the Republican traitors trying to help Obama and his policies!

    Warning all Americans! While Mitt Romney lied to all of us in his presidential run promising us he opposed amnesty for illegals, today he took to Fox News two days before Election Day and predicted that if the GOP takes the US Senate, they will overcome Republican resistance in the House and deliver "immigration reform" amnesty to Obama's desk!

    Romney's ill-timed comments are very similar to what G.W. Bush said just before the midterm elections of 2006. Bush did the same thing to dampen true conservative enthusiasm and limit his own party's election chances on behalf of the greater plan to submerge America via immigration reform amnesty!

    Mitt Romney's amnesty passage comments are designed to: A. Keep the conservative base from being enthusiastic on Tuesday, and B. To claim that the GOP victories coming on Tuesday are somehow an endorsement of his drive to deliver amnesty legislation to Obama while increasing legal immigration levels beyond their current historic high levels!

    Please read and circulate...
    Mitt Romney Promises to Deliver Amnesty Bill To Obama's Desk if GOP Takes Senate

    We are adding Mitt Romney to our master list of illegal alien amnesty supporters and will place his name and details today near the top of the list along side Barack Obama and George Bush...

    If you would like to let Mitt Romney know how you feel about his plans to have a GOP Senate pass amnesty legislation to Obama's desk, you can do so here...


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