• 5 Days Left To Help 2 Brave Men Fighting Against Illegal Alien Amnesty

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    We are pleased to report that thanks to your recent support we have just landed a strong political blow against the illegal alien AMNESTY supporter NC Senator David Rouzer. Our message about his stance has been delivered to tens of thousands of households in NC's 7th Congressional District.

    Here is a copy of our message for you to review and according to our polling data this should help our candidate Ilario Pantano a great deal.

    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC Calling NC Voters About Illegal Immigration


    Also, new supporters from across America are streaming in to ALIPAC after our recent quote in the national news that now appears in more than 14,000 newspapers and websites. We have vowed to fight for a version of Arizona's and Alabama's law in every state once the Supreme Court rebukes Obama for siding with the invasion against Americans.

    If you did not catch this in your local paper or favorite websites, here is the latest article that is bringing us new supporters....

    Illegal Immigration Foes Await Supreme Court Ruling

    We have much more to do. For the next 5 days we need our entire national network focused on our two targeted campaigns!

    We need you to help us, help Richard Mourdock for US Senate in Indiana and Ilario Pantano for US House in NC. This is where your assistance can do the most good in the national fight against illegal immigration right now.

    Please take the following steps.

    To donate or volunteer to help Richard Mourdock please visit his website at this link.

    Richard Mourdock for US Senate Campaign
    Richard Mourdock |

    To donate or volunteer to help Ilario Pantano for US Congress visit his website at this link.

    Ilario Pantano for US Congress Campaign
    Pantano for Congress | Prosperity Through Freedom | Peace Through Strength

    To help ALIPAC warn Indiana voters about Mourdock's incumbent illegal alien AMNESTY supporter Richard Lugar, we must have new donations right away to land a political blow on another Amnesty supporter before election day next week!

    To help ALIPAC warn voters about Richard Lugar's Dream Act Amnesty donate here....

    Help us rally support around Richard Mourdock and Ilario Pantano with ALIPAC's effective efforts to warn voters about the Amnesty supporters in both races!

    The ALIPAC Team
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