• William Gheen's Fight for American Workers: The Home Depot Vs. Lowes Odyssey

    August 1, 2012

    Concerned Americans and Friends of ALIPAC,

    Please read about my recent experiences applying the principles of the Americans First Project (AFP) being promoted here at ALIPAC during a recent interaction with two stores you will recognize, Home Depot and Lowes.

    Our goal with the AFP is to equip Americans with more activism tools to resist the illegal immigration invasion of America now that our political system has been derailed by dictatorial decrees from Obama. We want you to continue lobbying the Congress and fighting alongside of ALIPAC in elections, while recognizing that much more will be needed since these civic actions have been paralyzed by the unconstitutional actions of the Executive Branch.

    You literally have the power to begin deporting illegal aliens and encouraging some of the great surplus of legal foreign labor being imported to displace American workers to return home on their own!

    All that is needed here is discipline, determination, and thousands of us working together to support ALIPAC's Americans First Project!

    I recently went to make two major purchases that my family has been saving to buy for quite some time. Our old refrigerator was a decrepit 1980's model that was turning beige from white. The water dispenser no longer worked and the handle on the door kept separating despite our best efforts with the duct tape. The light inside this old fridge would flicker and sometimes not work at all. At times it looked like it was going to rain inside.

    We also needed a generator for our home. I'm a bit of a preparedness kind of guy after living through the aftermath of Hurricane Floyd in Eastern NC back in 1999. We had a recent crisis when 5 million people lost power to the north of us, many without power for 5 days in the middle of a life threatening heat wave with heat indices as high as 115. My spare AC window unit in the garage was of little use in such a massive 'grid down' situation so a small backup generator for our home made sense.

    In Wake Forest, NC, we have a Home Depot and a Lowes Home Improvement store within a half a mile of each other. I have credit cards for both places that I use occasionally to build up good credit for our family. Home Depot had recently offered me a higher credit level than Lowes on my card so I decided to give them the first shot on these two major purchases.

    I went to Home Depot and, after some browsing, online research, and comparisons made at Consumer Reports, I selected a new refrigerator and a portable generator that together totaled a $2,000 purchase!

    While we had accumulated the savings for these purchases, my plan was to put the items on the store credit card and use our savings to pay down the balance over a six month period to build up our credit.

    When I spoke with two different sales representatives during my purchase of the two items at Home Depot I explained....

    "This purchase is conditional upon American workers delivering and installing these items. I only allow American labor to do any work on my property. We have an historic number of Americans unemployed, underemployed, and being marched out of their homes in front of Sheriff deputies due to foreclosures, and I want to help Americans. They can be of any race or gender, but they must be Americans and they must speak fluent English."

    I figured that if they could not accommodate me on my request the transaction would fall apart before the workers arrived at my home or, if not, I would simply engage the workers in conversation when they arrived and ask them. If they answered they were not Americans or they were unable to converse with me easily in English, I would just send them away and refuse to accept delivery.

    Another incentive for all Americans to follow my lead on this is that as President of ALIPAC you would not believe the number of reports we have received from people who ended up with foreign labor and probably illegal aliens working on their property and a few weeks later came home to find they had been robbed or completely cleaned out. It appears that some illegal alien work crews like to get on your property and in your home, spot what you have and make notes about your security and work schedule, then come back later to liberate you of your belongings!

    The warning signs at Home Depot were immediate. One American sales representative tried to tell me that Home Depot could not "discriminate" against workers in that way.

    I told him very politely yet firmly ...

    "There is no law that says citizens and companies cannot choose to hire American citizens in America over immigrant labor. If you cannot send Americans to deliver and install these items, then I will take my business elsewhere."

    The sales representative looked worried and asked me to speak with the people at the front about about my installation.

    I moved the conversation to the people at the Customer Service desk where I bought my items and asked them to place a note on the work and delivery order "American workers only."

    I explained to each employee what I was doing. The ladies at the service desk seemed to be understanding and supportive yet worried at the same time. One volunteered, "you might want to call the day before to talk to someone about your American workers request."

    I thanked her kindly and explained that I would not be making any calls past this point, I said...

    "If you do not send American workers to my home, I am certain you will send them the SECOND TIME you deliver my fridge and generator!" Then I gave them a big smile.

    They told me to expect delivery and installation the following Thursday and I left hoping that my mission was accomplished.

    On the morning of our expected delivery and installation of a new refrigerator and generator from Home Depot, I received two calls.

    The first call was from one of the installers asking if he could come earlier in the day instead of later. I told him that I would arrange my schedule to meet him at an earlier hour. I was listening carefully on the phone to his voice and his English was good but I could tell he was a bit guarded. I reminded him of the fact I would only accept American workers of any race at my home.

    Thirty minutes later, I get a call from a lady with a southern accent. She tells me she is calling from the warehouse that does all the deliveries and installations for Home Depot. She says ...

    "Mr. Gheen, I see a note on this order form that says something about 'Americans workers'?"

    I explained my request to her and she informed me that "all of our workers are of Hispanic descent."

    I explained that was fine by me if they were Hispanic, but they needed to be Americans and speak fluent English.

    That is when she explained that they could not accommodate my request and they asked if I wanted to cancel the delivery and I said "Yes."

    That was the important moment, the moment that I was the one who said, "No." I had control. One of the biggest problems American citizens have and America has is the problem with what is called "Delayed Gratification."

    Delayed or deferred gratification is defined as ""the preference for smaller immediate rewards over larger but delayed rewards," or impulse control. Many people consider Delayed Gratification to be an important element of psychological maturity necessary for any individual to self actualize and accomplish their goals in life.

    Part of our problem is that global corporations have spent billions conditioning Americans from infancy to give in to their buying impulses. It behooves them for us to be unwilling or unable to say "no" to any advertising or product solicitation.

    In America, the land of out of control consumption, the concepts of saving, delayed gratification and impulse control are economic heresy!

    One of the things that really bothered me about this warehouse company that works for Home Depot is not the fact they were simply using immigrant labor. The thing that bothered me most was the fact THEY HAD NO AMERICAN WORKERS TO SEND!

    I called Home Depot and spoke to the lady who had filled out my order and purchase. She sounded very dismayed and asked if I wanted to cancel the delivery of the generator as well and I said yes. I explained that I would no longer be doing business with Home Depot over this issue until they changed their ways and hired some Americans to do their deliveries and installations.

    I then asked to speak to the manager of the Home Depot Store. The manager was professional, but like the many other employees at Home Depot he spoke like a man who was afraid to say the wrong thing. Each person I spoke to at Home Depot during this process lacked a sense of humor, was not smiling, seemed worried about the conversation. They sounded like they were concerned that if their voice showed any compassion for what I was doing, the multiple audio video surveillance devices all around them there might bring down the Political Correctness wrath of their masters!

    The manager of Home Depot informed me that all of their deliveries were handled by a company called HBI Warehouse Services and that company was selected by the Home Depot national offices. He said the local store had no control over their hiring practices. I thanked him and explained that I would be in touch with Home Depot corporate offices to explain the loss of my purchase and business.

    In fact, I plan to notify Home Depot and Lowes corporate offices of this situation as part of the exercise of launching the Americans First Project (AFP) at ALIPAC!

    I called Lowes and spoke with an assistant manager and she sounded so different than the worried employees at Home Depot. Everyone I spoke with at Lowes sounded free, chipper, and as if they were not worried about sharing their personal opinions. I was told that she understood what I was doing and was thankful I was doing it. She also told me to come on over that they would put in a special order to have American workers who actually do work at the Lowes store to deliver my items the next day.

    I made arrangements to go to Lowes that afternoon and pick out a different refrigerator and generator. I repeated the exact same process I had conducted at Home Depot while at Lowes. I told everyone I wanted American workers to deliver and install and everyone said, "No problem!"

    They had to call the Lowes store manager out to use his key to authorize my next day emergency delivery of the items. The manager was an Hispanic male about my age or a few years younger.

    I introduced myself and explained to him what I was doing and what my experiences were at their competitor across the street. The Lowes manager seemed relaxed and at ease with the conversation and his job. I felt there was a chance that he might give me an annoyed look for saying or doing anything that would hamper the great "La Raza" or "The Race," but luckily this man was not anything like many of the Hispanic supremacists we encounter when fighting against illegal immigration.

    The Lowes manager explained to me that he became a US Citizen after serving as a legal immigrant in the United States Marine Corps. His English had only the slightest hint of accent to it but it was fluent and natural. You could tell the man had a good sense of humor, and he told me that he could honestly appreciate what I was doing. He assured me that the people here at the local store were the ones who did their deliveries. I thanked him profusely and told him I would be bringing my future business to his store and notifying the Lowes corporate offices of the positive shopping experience.

    The next day two Americans arrived at my home and brought in the fridge! I spoke to them both as they took the old fridge out and brought in the new one. You don't even want to know what it looked like behind our old fridge. I think I found a dinosaur bone back there.

    The workers thanked me for what I was doing. One explained to me that he was having to work two jobs to make ends meet for his family and that he had a lot of friends he grew up with who could not get jobs anywhere. These guys were doing back breaking work moving large appliances during a heat wave. So much for the derogatory myth of jobs Americans won't do the job.

    As the workers drove off, I took a picture of my new fridge to share with friends with the caption "Delivered and installed by Americans!" It was a small yet hard fought victory.

    Then I thought to myself, if I could get thousands of Americans to do what I have done here today, we can almost immediately open up jobs for suffering Americans who need hope.

    I hope that others will appreciate what I am doing and follow my lead on this. For the Americans out there willing to do just about any type of work right now to make ends meet for themselves and their families, help is on the way via ALIPAC's Americans First Project!

    William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)