• You did it: Americans defeat illegal alien invasion supporters in Indiana & Florida!

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    We need to warn all Americans in all states that the illegal immigration invasion supporters know they cannot win a fair fight in the state legislatures. Our experiences and victory in Indiana prove they are turning to stealth tactics.

    Last year Indiana prohibited illegal aliens from receiving in-state tuition after it was discovered that 300 American students were not going to college because illegal aliens were receiving that taxpayer subsidy to be in limited college seats!

    In order to try and protect the stolen classroom seats for illegal aliens, which was happening without public or lawmaker awareness, Indiana State Senator Jean Leising conspired with Angela Smith Jones, a lobbyist for the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, and officials at Indiana University to sneak in-state tuition for illegals into law this week!

    We narrowly dodged a political bullet and stopped Indiana from joining the official list of states that encourage illegal immigration by forcing taxpayers to pay for most of the cost of college for illegal aliens, this thanks to the alert efforts of Indiana Federation for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (IFIRE) and Citizens for Immigration Law Enforcement.

    These two state groups detected the stealth plan, then alerted us and our legendary ALIPAC activists swung into action with only a few hours left. Since we have worked with IFIRE before, we skipped all of the usual verification steps to spring into action quickly.

    Citing your calls and lobbying efforts, the Chicago Tribune and Associated Press along with Indiana Senator Yoder agree we killed HB 1326 and thus stopped in-state tuition for illegal aliens!

    Fight over in-state tuition for illegal immigrants derails bill

    Hopefully, this will lead to 300 college seats in Indiana being returned to the innocent American students who have been displaced, replaced, and deprived of college seats and victimized by these invasion supporters.

    This is great news considering that our team also defeated in-state tuition for illegals in Florida this past week as well!

    The ballot initiative we are supporting in Maryland will prove a devastating blow to our opponents if we win there this November which we can accomplish with your support.

    We ask that these state level groups and our ALIPAC supporters on the ground work to throw Jean Leising and everyone voting for the addition of that amendment out of office as soon as possible! This should be easy to do since 81% of the constituents they swore to serve oppose in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

    In the 21 states ALIPAC has helped to defeat in-state tuition for illegal aliens we have never seen a fight like this one.

    We were a few short hours away from lawmakers accidentally passing a major policy change when the citizens of Indiana had no clue such a vote was about to take place! On the morning ALIPAC swung into action, there was ZERO detectible press coverage on this issue.

    Our conversations with lawmakers and staff members indicated they had no clue in-state tuition for illegal aliens was even in HB 1326!

    After the bill died, we determined that most of the Indiana state house members did not know including the bill's creator Rep. Rhonda Rhoads.

    We want to thank Senator Carlin Yoder for pulling the bill from the calender, thus killing it on the crossover deadline day in response to our calls and lobbying. Senator Yoder was the bill's sponsor on the senate side, and from conversations with staff, we get the impression that even he did not know Senator Leising had added in-state tuition for illegals by amendment in committee the week before.

    The illegal immigration invasion supporters are relying more and more on unethical, underhanded, and stealthy methods.

    We have won an important battle in the war to reverse the invasion of America. We have learned a lot in the last three days.

    Thank you for your support and activism which made this important victory possible!

    William Gheen
    President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

    PS: If you are pleased with our performance defeating in-state tuition for illegal aliens in our 21st state, please visit our online donations page now to donate by mail, PayPal, or credit card. We are running out of time to meet our minimum funds requirements and if you want ALIPAC in the fight we need your strong and immediate support at....
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