• The 2014 Revolution Begins Now

    The 2014 Revolution Begins Now

    November 8, 2012

    by William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

    There is going to be a political revolution in 2014 that is going to dwarf the historic off-election backlashes America saw in 1994 and 2010! That should be inspiring news for those of you that are distraught about Obama's reelection and you should join our efforts today.

    Those of us who were in the heart of the Tea Party movement of 2010 are announcing plans to organize this backlash since our revolution is incomplete and was stalled west of the Mississippi in 2010 by Obama's and Reid's hosts of illegal alien voters who poured into the polls, stealing American votes and elections in places like Clark County, Nevada!

    We now have documentation of those illegal alien voters for Harry Reid and hopes to secure our elections in Nevada and elsewhere before 2014.

    Like an expensive science fiction film with very poor actors but great special effects, we have to suspend our disbelief in this political movie theater to digest the incredible results of the 2012 election.

    The election results would falsely suggest that Americans are happy and content with our government because we just reelected the same President, Congress, and Senate with only minor alterations!

    One would think that considering the extreme hardships Americans face in 2012, such as historic unemployment and foreclosures, high inflation, incredible scandals involving Obama that dwarf Watergate, and historic low approval ratings for Congress, that political upheaval would have manifested in the 2012 elections.

    But the opposite happened and instead of change, the 2012 elections are being cited by corporate media pundits as a mandate for Obama, a mandate for Congress, and a mandate to raise taxes, pass amnesty for illegal aliens, and a host of other unpopular ideas.

    How can this be? Well, there are several main factors. The power of money, mass media advertising, biased media, and the power of redistricting technologies all favor incumbents who are loyal to the same behind-the-scenes rulers of America who get their way with wars, government spending and debt, and the illegal immigration invasion of America regardless of who the public puts in office.

    Simply put, the big fiat money being summoned from thin air by the Federal Reserve dwarfs grass roots efforts in Presidential election years, and the power of the Mainstream Media combined with Google, Facebook, and Apple are enough to reelect anyone loyal to the status quo. This is made possible by the large numbers of people who vote that do not really know what is going on. The synthetic reality voters who wait for their information to be pumped to them instead of seeking out the truth rule supreme in Presidential Election years.

    These factors combined with the rise of identity politics where many voters vote based on who they are instead of issues or an identity as unified Americans. Obama won by targeting blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, single women, and younger voters in 9 key states that all vote. The Obama campaign knows that these voters vote based on their identity, their race, their age, their gender, their marital status, more than any issue important to the whole nation.

    In the midterm election years, voters who are much more savvy vote and real change is possible.

    And when you think about it, we just voted on a government that should have ceased to exist almost two decades ago when they ran out of money and became an entity being sustained by Global bankers, Chinese Communists, and Authoritarian Islamist Monarchies like the Saudis. If financial and mathematical realities were being adhered to, there would be no Obama or Romney conducting their poor political theater on our screens because the American government's day of reckoning would have come and gone, and real change would have been necessitated.

    So on every major network right now, we are being told that Romney lost because he made "Hispanics" angry and that Republicans must change their tune to address a more "diverse" America because "angry white men" are not enough to elect Republicans anymore.

    The truth is that the only way a GOP candidate gets 40% of the Hispanic vote like Bush did is if he is a white male running against another white male. Under identity politics, Hispanic voters traditionally go 65% Democrat on average and the numbers rise to 71% in a white male vs minority candidate match up.

    Mitt Romney's campaign was likely doomed the moment he selected Paul Ryan, another white male, as his running mate. Sure, there are many great things we could say about Ryan but those logical considerations are lost upon the identity voters. If Romney had selected a female running mate, or a black or Hispanic running mate he would likely have won against Obama's dual demographic campaign.

    This propaganda is consistent with the same propaganda we see coming through in most movies, commercials, and TV shows. White males are the problem, or not in the scene at all, and white females are shown in the context with other demographics. This is the plan because if they are successful at abusing white males enough, then America is theirs for the taking and there will be no demographic group left to stop plans for Global dominance. There will be no more of those pesky white Christian males running around the planet with guns, liberating populations from fascists, communists, and Islamic dictators.

    Of course, none of these newscasts point out that the historic demographic shift happening in America is forced.

    None of them have guests on their shows pointing out that America's current inhabitants are being intentionally drowned in an unending flow of replacement workers and voters being brought in by big banks, industries, and our own government to replace opinionated Americans who think they are free with a population of new arrivals that are more controllable, eager to engage in many unlawful acts as well as political, or perhaps even armed overthrow of existing American stakeholders.

    The Tea Party groups know the truth and that truth is that Mitt Romney lost because he was lukewarm and not a true conservative. Many of their groups are announcing plans for this revolt in 2014. Romney was a false choice, a pretend conservative that had flip flopped on every major issue including immigration, gun rights, and health care!

    Goldman Sachs employees were the biggest donors to both Romney and Obama, both campaigns were filled with Council on Foreign Relations operatives, and if you took the time to look closely at what they were saying there would be little variation in the leadership of both Obama and Romney.

    Is this a news flash? Most of you have known that Romney vs. Obama is just another lesser of two evils game, right? And isn't the lesser of two evils game just a decision of which side of the road we all walk on into hell? Isn't the lesser of two evils game a way we try to slow our descent? And why would you be so shocked at this news? Did your minds want to play "pretend everything is a game" so much that you convinced yourself you really had a choice in what was going to happen in America?

    The truth is that Obama Vs. Romney was a crummy selection just like the candidates Obama, McCain, and Bush!

    America is in the advanced stages of utter disaster and Obama and Romney were the best we could produce for President!?!?

    Yet, there were some small changes on Election Day and while we are still processing the voting results for the 150 illegal immigration and amnesty fighting federal candidates endorsed by ALIPAC in 2012, we have noticed a very important pattern.

    Politicians use the redistricting process which just took place nationwide using the 2010 census data to their advantage. ALIPAC has detected redistricting results that have been crafted to attack and defeat members of Congress that are not servants of the behind the scenes powers governing the status quo in Washington DC.

    Some of America's strongest voices against illegal immigration have been targeted for removal through redistricting. It appears that Democrats and Republicans who serve the Globalist plan to give amnesty to 12-20 million illegal aliens, thus permanently displacing true conservative voters forevermore in US elections, worked together to remove Congressmen Dan Lungren, Wally Herger, Elton Gallegly, and Brian Bilbray in California. At last count, Brian Bilbray, who replaced Tom Tancredo as the leader of the pro enforcement Immigration Reform Caucus in Congress, was losing in his new district by a very narrow margin.

    Vocal amnesty opponents Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Congressman Allen West were similarly targeted and drawn out of their districts. At the time of this article, it appears that Michelle Bachmann is holding on to her seat by a hair and Allen West is losing his seat but calling for a recount!

    And of course here in my home state we have NC District 7 where ALIPAC grassroots efforts detected a plot between GOP leaders Phil Berger, Bob Rucho, and Tom Apodaca in the NC Senate working with National Council of La Raza operative Matty Lazo Chatterton to target Congressman Mike McIntyre.

    Mike McIntyre is one of the strongest Democrat voices against Amnesty in America and the aforementioned conspirators drew NC District 7 using advanced computer and elections behavior technologies to defeat both Mike McIntyre (who they drew completely out of his own district) and Ilario Pantano, who hails from New Hanover County. The new district was designed to elected their fellow Republican GOP state Senator David Rouzer.

    Congressman Mike McIntyre and Ilario Panto are vocal opponents of illegal immigration and amnesty. NC Senator David Rouzer was a paid lobbyist who we defeated several years ago when he worked hard to pass the failed Agjobs amnesty for illegal immigrants!

    At the time of this report, McIntyre has a lead of only 507 votes and there is going to be a recount in late November!

    So what we are telling you is that the elites have used their insider influence to affect the Congressional redistricting process and they have targeted for elimination members of Congress and candidates most likely to serve the American public instead of their interests!

    There are probably many more illegal immigration opposing victims of redistricting that we have not detected yet.

    With the US House in the hands of Republicans, there is a chance that if we all work hard we can stop Obama from permanently empowering his illegal alien army as legal and illegal voters.

    If we succeed in stopping Obama in Congress from even Republican sellouts like Speaker John Boehner who has already jumped up to offer to work with Obama's agenda less than 24 hours after Republican voters across America watched the election results with dismay, we get one final chance at this in 2014.

    Obama's approval ratings will drop in his second term as they do for all Presidents. This will make the market forces behind our political revolution even stronger than they were in 2010.

    Republicans crafted more of the redistricting process this time so there will be more favorable districts for candidates loyal to Americans against the Globalist invasion than we had in 2010!

    More states are passing voter ID laws and, thanks to your activism through groups like ALIPAC and NumbersUSA, states like Florida, Georgia, and Colorado are removing illegal alien voters from their voter lists using Department of Homeland Security databases they had to sue to gain access to!

    If Mitt Romney had been elected this year, the historic political revolution that is now possible for 2014 would not manifest. Now, many of those people that voted for Obama will learn what those of you who voted for Bush twice learned the hard way.

    We expect Obama to follow a similar trajectory as Bush. Obama will push for mass amnesty for illegal aliens early in 2013 and by doing so his approval ratings will drop to historic lows just like Bush did when his approval dropped to around 20% making him the most unpopular President in modern American history.

    We need to unite illegal immigration fighting groups with Tea Party groups, gun rights groups, and low tax groups immediately. We need to reach out to disaffected Democrats and Unaffiliated voters who will quickly sour on Obama early in his second term as Obama takes his nice guy mask off and the horns pop out.

    We march on Washington starting today! Our march will be a political march where we meet up in Washington, DC, to welcome in the new government we elect in 2014.

    We need to throw all of the Democrats and Republicans supporting the illegal alien invasion out of power and this includes Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi along with John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, and every Republican and Democrat who supports illegal aliens and the Globalist agenda to demographically, politically, and economically bury Americans like us forevermore in our own nation.

    And by Americans like us, I mean Americans of all races and walks of life who support the US Constitution and the principles of America's founding, who say We The People should control our national destiny and not these behind the scenes power brokers facilitating the illegal alien invasion of our American homeland.

    A new American political revolution begins today and all you traitors in Washington, DC, state governments, and groups like La Raza, we are coming to take our country back and we are taking you all down in 2014! Expect us.
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