• 48 Hours Till Obama Declares Amnesty & Martial Law Melt the DC Phone Lines Now!

    American Patriots & ALIPAC Supporters,

    Martial Law is a term used when a nation is taken away from constitutional or legislative law governed by elections and that is exactly what will happen if Obama follows through on his threat to decree amnesty for millions of illegal aliens!

    We have just received word that Obama plans to announce his overthrow of the American Republic on Friday in illegal alien central... Las Vegas Nevada!

    Las Vegas is an appropriate place due to the fact this is where large numbers of illegal immigrants cast felonious votes to save Harry Reid in 2010! Las Vegas is also where many of the mega-wealthly donors are pushing for amnesty for illegals!


    Please get on the phones with us now to call, call, call, Washington DC!

    We need to call with the following message...

    "Please tell Congressman/Senator __________ that I plan to hold him/her personally accountable for Obama's plan to decree amnesty for illegal aliens. Everyone in America knows what Obama is planning to do is ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Even Obama said so previously 5 times! If Obama decrees amnesty it means our American elections and lawmakers like __(lawmaker name)____ mean nothing and the Republic for which our flag stands has fallen to a dictator! Please tell Senator/Congressman _______ to stop Dictator Obama's amnesty plans now!"

    Our friends in talk radio land like Laura Ingraham are fighting hard to rally more Americans to join us on the phones!

    You can find all the contact information for Congress you need at this link...

    Or you can call the main switchboard at

    US Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121

    Remember to call all of your state's lawmakers first and then if your time will allow proceed to states adjacent to your own.

    Please post any feedback, info you gain from your calls, questions, or suggestions, at ALIPAC's activism tracking link here...

    Let's Roll Americans!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
    www.alipac.us www.AgainstAmnesty.com
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