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    Migrant children in Massachusetts lived among sex predators as Dem governor claimed s

    Migrant children in Massachusetts lived among sex predators as Dem governor claimed shelters 'vetted': report

    Sarah Rumpf-Whitten
    Fri, May 17, 2024 at 8:28 PM EDT

    Massachusetts officials placed migrant children to live among registered sexual predators, an investigation by the Boston Globe revealed.

    According to a Boston Globe report, an investigation by the newspaper suggested that the state failed to vet hotels across the state before placing migrant families to live among the alleged predators.

    "For the past month, the state Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities — the agency that oversees the program for sheltering homeless families — has rebuffed the Globe’s requests for information about sex offenders in shelters," the Globe reported. "The Globe requested the information as part of an in-depth review because the agency’s contracts require hotel providers to screen for sex offenders but not to bar them."

    "After the Globe independently identified sex offenders and asked for comment, a spokesperson said late Thursday that the agency is in the process of removing the individuals. None are migrants," the Globe reported.

    The newspaper reported that a shocking number of hotels
    across the Bay State had sexual predators brushing shoulders with migrant children.

    At least five of the hotels and one dormitory that the state used as homeless shelters also housed or employed sex offenders who have been convicted of crimes against children, including child rape, indecent assault and battery on children, and child pornography.

    The Globe noted that four of the five predators identified not only lived among children, but were employed by the hotels.

    The newspaper said none of the registered sex offenders were migrants.

    A spokesperson for the Massachusetts Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities confirmed with the Globe that it routinely checks shelter addresses against the Sex Offender Registry Board every six months so that providers can notify families.

    The agency said that the most recent check was done in March.

    Maura Healey, governor of Massachusetts, announced that the Chelsea Soldiers' Home would be turned into a facility for migrants.

    The news of the predators living among vulnerable children came after
    Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey assured residents that "everybody" entering the migrant housing was thoroughly "vetted" after a Haitian migrant raped a 15-year-old disabled girl at a hotel in March.

    "Everybody, including him, who enters our shelter locations is vetted," she told reporters in March.

    Local authorities in Rockland, Mass., arrested 26-year-old Cory Alvarez, a Haitian national, and charged him with rape after he allegedly sexually assaulted a 15-year-old at a Comfort Inn.

    The migrant crisis has been
    an ongoing crisis for Massachusetts.

    The state's newest emergency shelter, located in Roxbury, a neighborhood in Boston, reached its capacity of 400 people in just one week last month.

    New York City, Chicago and the state of New York all made emergency declarations last year and
    called for help in response to the migrant crisis.

    Fox News Digital has reached out to Healey's office, the state Executive Office of Housing and Livable Communities and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for comment.

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    None of them should be housed here...period.

    No heads on beds, put their butts on buses back home!


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