• All Out Political Revolution and war is upon America in 2014

    December 15, 203

    By William Gheen
    President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

    The American public is more angry than ever before at Washington DC going into the 2014 elections where the core issues are debt, taxes, jobs, healthcare, and illegal immigration.

    Truth is that the RNC and DNC have both failed America. Failed by masquerading as a two party system that is actually a one party system both servicing the same elite financial masters. What kind of elite masters you may ask? I mean like George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, Goldman Sachs, US Chamber of Commerce, Chinese and Saudi Sovereign Wealth funds... pretty much all the Global billionaire aristocracy members you can count.

    They are killing our American nation and our citizens with their plutocracy, and violating our privacy rights on an unprecedented scale while bending us over a financial barrel.

    And they do their best to divide us every chance they get because the thing they fear most is what we must accomplish.

    The coming political revolution in 2014 must succeed to avoid both national disaster and destruction and to avoid potential Civil War in America's future if the will of the people continues to be ignored and abused by these elites.

    We need to stand up in 2014, but not as Republicans, or Democrats, or Tea Party, or Hispanic Voters, or Black Voters, but as Americans!

    Don't let the elite division games confound us and play us off on each other. This real revolution must be between We The People of America (illegal alien invaders not included) versus the sellouts and traitors in both parties and a host of groups that occupy our government in Washington, DC.

    These elites are using their incalculable wealth and influence to conquer and destroy the freedom-loving traditions and Constitution of America.

    We must rally around our flag and around our Constitution and around our heritage relating to the brave men and women of many cultures and walks of life who founded this once great nation.

    John Boehner... you and Eric Cantor, and Paul Ryan, and Bob Goodlatte along with your buddies John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Barack Obama can all go straight to political hell!

    Watching your political theater and song and dances about being oppositional to the Democrats and Obama is disgusting. I'm tired of watching all of you play characters on pro illegal alien amnesty supporter Rupert Murdoch's Fox News.

    You are not the loyal political opposition to Obama, you are traitors with the currencies of our nation's enemies spilling out of all of your bank accounts and pockets!

    You've sold us out financially, printed magic money, straddled us with enslaving debt, violated every privacy we held dear, damaged our young with protracted wars and glorified ghetto culture, let drug cartels rule our borders and inner cities, and dropped our nation's defenses against espionage and illegal alien invasion. Our nation is now clearly fully compromised by our enemies that seek to move stealthily and methodically until every job and piece of strategic metal they can offshore is complete.

    How long until the mask on this invasion and the elite sponsors of this invasion really come off? How long before you really get nasty with us for resisting your rape of our beloved Republic and citizenry?

    We hear that some Republican lawmakers are upset because friendly helpful illegal alien mobs have been harassing them in their offices and homes demanding they support amnesty and eventual voting rights for tens of millions of illegal aliens that will bring America down on her knees forevermore like a weapon from which we could never recover.

    Oh boo hoo hoo, you mean that the fake Trojan Horse wasn't really a present and was actually filled with armed men that would one night burn our entire empire into the dust, slaughter our children, consume our livestock, and rape every woman we ever held dear in our lives?

    Spare me your tearful stories Rep. Jeff Denham about how the rough tactics of the "immigration reform" activists hurt amnesty because they were doing "crazy things."

    Denham, you and the other sellouts in DC are just getting a very small taste of the true nature of this invasion, which is both costly and deadly and wrecking American lives coast to coast!

    Someone is very assertive towards you in your elevator music la la land of DC and you seemed shocked that people who have no respect for boundaries, be they personal or national, would violate your boundaries too.

    Get used to it Denham because the fine people of Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and North Carolina are very familiar with how illegal aliens do "crazy things" like gang raping, molesting kids, drinking, driving, killing, and joining gangs that try to feed our children cocaine and methamphetamine at the earliest age they can!

    Do you really expect any sympathy about illegal aliens showing their butt on your lawn or in your office? You really have no idea what these people have planned for you and all of us once their invasion is made a fait accompli by your traitorous efforts.

    The fact illegal alien activists are living large on the National Mall pretending to "fast for families" thanks to SEIU money and are breaking decorum in DC is nothing compared to the large scale of crimes, lost jobs, lost wages, destroyed lives and deaths Americans are forced to endure due to our unenforced existing border and immigration laws!

    Instead of offering Americans relief from the negative impacts of the corporate sponsored illegal alien invasion of America, lawmakers like Boehner, Poe, Issa, Denham, Peter King of New York, and 30 GOP sellouts are trying to help Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi pass an immigration reform amnesty that will bust America's borders open forevermore leaving us all to rue the next wave of 10 million illegals from the 3rd World areas of the globe!

    Don't you know what communists around the world do with their useful idiots and traitors like you, Jeff Denham and John Boehner, once their demoralization, crisis games, normalization, and destabilization stages for what was once America are complete!

    America is finally awakening from her slumber in these final moments of peril! There is an all out political revolution brewing in America and it is going to get very ugly as grassroots groups of American patriots charge at the entrenched traitors in Washington, DC, who will be brutally defended by millions upon millions of dollars from the open borders treason lobby!

    Everyone must know by now that 2014 is America's last chance to get it right, and for us to get it right, the illegal alien invasion and amnesty supporting Democrats and Republicans pretending they don't work for the same financial masters of the one party system must fall!

    One trap we must avoid is the mass media's plan in motion to besmirch the "Tea Party" groups and cast this as a battle between "moderates" and "right wing extremists." I think King George tried to do the same to the colonists who founded America, and all must realize that the majority of people that make up the conservative base are those most similar to the founders of America.

    We must all do our best to do what the elites fear the most which is to unify Americans of all races, sexes, political parties, and walks of life against those at the top who are conducting this social engineering nation building in America that is destroying so much we hold dear.

    Their game is to divide black, white, and Hispanic, Christian and non Christians, gay and straight, male and female. Their goal is to demonize whites, Christians, and males (and especially white Christian males) because they perceive attacking those demographics as the key to overthrowing America and the American values which include the Bill of Rights Freedoms. The goal of these treasonous elites is to keep everyone fighting among themselves instead of unifying under a national identity as Americans against their takeover at the top!

    Here at Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), we plan to be a very important broadcast point in the strategy to take back America in 2014! Our political revolution must dwarf what happened in 2010 and 1994!

    We must unify, educate, mobilized, and prepare for what may become the last political march of the Americans. For if we fail to take down a good chunk of the 35 GOP traitors secretly helping Obama push citizenship for 20 million illegal aliens in their GOP primaries in the next few months, then amnesty will pass into law and the new voting bloc of illegal aliens will make further political reform and borders for America impossible through nonviolent political means.

    Those of us dedicated to using what remains of America's peaceful political systems are fighting to avert the possible conquest of America by tyrants using invasive immigration plans and possible civil war if our political systems cannot alleviate the disparities between the will of the American public and the will of the elites.

    If you believe that We The People of the United States should be self governed and in control of our borders, immigration policies, and national destiny, then you are with us! If you believe that illegal aliens should be allowed to stay in American and become voters, then you are with the traitors in DC!

    We are the voice of the vast majority of Americans of all races, genders, parties, and walks of life who stand with the US Constitution and Bill of Rights!

    Traitors to America, we are coming for you in 2014! Your spy machines and lie machines will not save you from our political revolution!
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