• Americans Are Required To Stop Obama Physically If Necessary

    American Citizens Are Required To Stop Obama's Unconstitutional Amnesty Plot

    February 15, 2015

    by William Gheen
    President of ALIPAC

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    Our organization is about to once again enter the fray against illegal immigration and against amnesty for illegals in a way that will likely generate new firestorms of public debate, and the backlash and ire from illegal immigration supporters and federal authorities could be unprecedented. In 2014, our work with Overpasses for America and a coalition of around 30 groups led to the largest wave of protests against Obama and illegal immigration ever, (see pics) and now we are asking all of you to consider taking things to the next level required of us all to save America.

    As Americans, We The People are required to put a stop to the numerous unconstitutional and nationally harmful actions of the Obama administration if Congress, the courts, and federal employees continue to fail to honor their Pledges of Allegiance and oaths to protect and defend the Constitution. This is not an optional task for Americans who truly understand the real requirements of and founding principles defining American citizenship.

    That is why we are calling on Congress to Shut Down DHS and Shut Down Obama!

    If Obama is going to pretend he is somehow justified in enacting laws that we defeated in Congress and the elections several times, then certainly We The People are more than justified in a new effort to put a stop to this massive attempt by our own government to commit felonies helping illegals. We are required as Americans to stop this unlawful process that is aiding a costly and deadly illegal immigration invasion of America that will overthrow our Republic and put Americans under the political authority of a new illegal immigrant voting bloc. Should we fail to stop this then the Obama, McConnell, Boehner, Amnesty Plot #OMBAP will send the rest of America the woeful way of overrun California and Nevada where illegals already vote in large numbers unhindered by laws that indicate such actions are felonies.

    The news regarding Obama's unlawful and unconstitutional amnesty decrees has gone from very bad to nightmarish for those of us who are immersing ourselves in the information online that is not being broadcast on the nightly news or by the major news wire services.

    Although thousands of Americans are already losing their lives, with many more being robbed, raped, or injured, and untold numbers dying from illegal alien born diseases and addictive drugs each year, this hidden American holocaust is now intensifying as the greatest wave of illegal immigration America has ever known is about to commence! Last year's border surge of young illegal immigrants who were inspired to come into America illegally by the actions and messages of the Obama administration was probably just a warm up.

    The next wave of 2015 will likely accelerate rapidly and become the largest wave of illegal immigration in America's history once the nighttime desert temperatures rise from the Winter season, and the new round of Mexican trucks rolling uninspected into the US will make desert crossing illegal aliens the ones who could not afford the few extra thousand dollars to cross in style in the back of these NAFTA trucks!

    The Obama administration has ordered our Border Patrol agents and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to engage in a new government sponsored form of human smuggling. Agents are instructed to merely pick up all illegal aliens and conduct them to temporary holding facilities until DHS can pick them up in vans to disperse them into the interior of the United States without the criminal, terrorism, or medical background checks required of legal immigrants.

    Our powers of suggestion at ALIPAC.us have often manifested due to the power of our online communications platform and the dedication level of our supporters, despite the fact that Facebook and Google are heavily suppressing our broadcasts these days. When we suggested last year that Americans should try to block Obama's bus loads of illegal aliens, a few weeks later that started to happen. When we suggested in a talk radio show interview that John Boehner needed to be removed and someone like Louie Gohmert should be elected Speaker, a few weeks later Gohmert ran against Boehner for Speaker. And while we did not win that round, historians tell us it was the largest political revolt against a sitting Speaker of the House since the days of the Civil War! Let us hope that once again many Americans will hear and respond to what we are asking people to do next in the battle to save America from the planned unending waves of illegal immigration that this amnesty decree will bring down on our nation thus permanently submerging the current center right stock of American voters.

    When brave Americans engaged in acts of civil disobedience to Obama's unconstitutional orders in 2015, large crowds of patriots blocked Obama's bus loads of illegals from reaching their destinations in Murietta, California, and Oracle, Arizona! So DHS changed strategies and started using small unmarked vans to carry their illegal cargo to awaiting nonprofit organizations and American households willing to harbor the illegals in exchange for up to $7,400 per month of taxpayer monies!

    Now we have received news that the illegals at our borders are so accurately informed about this massive scandal that they are complaining to border patrol agents about how long it takes the agents to pick them up! I guess those illegals are in a hurry to get into America to collect tax refunds from the IRS for years they paid no taxes as reported bu the Washington Times on Feb. 11, 2015!

    And, a new leak indicates Obama's administration has ordered Border Patrol agents to merely release any illegal immigrant drunk drivers they intercept!

    But this should not surprise any of you that already know about how Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (D) just did his best to let everyone know that all illegal alien crimes below rape and murder are being ignored in favor of Obama's massive amnesty plans! This should not shock anyone who knows that the Obama administration has been releasing numerous illegal alien felons back on American streets to further victimize Americans without deportation!

    And now members of Congress are telling us that there is a citizenship loophole in Obama's plans, and that the illegal aliens being given "Deferred Status" to lift the penalties of America's existing immigration and border laws are then also being given something called "advance parole" which places them on a path to citizenship and voting rights where they are eventually expected to vote with the socialist Democrats responsible for their taxpayer benefits and payoffs!

    So even though all federal legislation that would have granted illegal aliens any kind of "deferred status" or "path to citizenship" has been defeated again and again over the past ten years, now the goals of that legislation have become reality due to the form of tyranny the Obama administration, and his GOP facilitators like McConnell and Boehner, are conducting today!

    This is the end of the line for conservatives in America or anyone loyal to the current US Constitution. Obama plans to start processing these millions of illegals on February 18, 2015, and we must warn America that this is the literal point of no return.

    And while groups like ALIPAC were successful in stopping Amnesty for illegals legislatively and in the elections process, the Obama administration has now taken steps that have thrown us far beyond the realm of calling Congress or voting for candidate A or B.

    With full assurances from GOP leaders like McConnell and Boehner that Obama will never pay the price of impeachment or prosecution for what he is doing, the United States at this moment is no longer under Constitutional governance or normal law, and what is happening can be labeled a form of Martial Law under some definitions.

    ALIPAC has led the way many times to stop this amnesty legislatively and in important elections using cutting edge strategies and messages that many Americans thought were a bit over the line at first, but many times were proven effective in hindsight.

    That is why we are asking everyone to consider moving to a new strategy where we continue to seek media attention to these problems, continue to lobby Congress, and continue to be involved in campaigns, but we as Americans to step forward to use acts of Civil Obedience to physically, yet non violently, stop Obama.

    We are going to put Congress on notice that if it will not do its job, then We The People are going to do the job of stopping Obama... peacefully... yet physically.

    We will use the term Civil Disobedience to let Americans know the nature of what we are doing, but we will call our actions Civil Obedience because we will be fulfilling our pledges of allegiance to our nation, flag, republic, and Constitution while Obama's minions are the ones that are violating our Constitution and laws.

    In fact, since most Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agents are armed and will be violating laws that are felonies which prohibit hiring or encouraging illegals to enter or remain in the US illegally, what the Obama administration is ordering these federal employees that carry sidearms to do is in fact the commission of a felony with a firearm!

    While it may be just me at first, or maybe me and a few other brave souls and group leaders who put ourselves at risk in acts of Civil Obedience designed to physically shut down Obama's unconstitutional amnesty, we will continue to design our activism where you can participate at any level you like.

    However, make no mistake about it, as Americans we are not encouraged to stop overt violations of the US Constitution, we are required to put a stop to violations of our Constitution.

    If Congress, the Obama administration, and federal employees all fail in their pledge to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, then We The People are required to step forward to do the job.

    Please contact us at www.ALIPAC.us if you have any ideas, suggestions, criticisms, concerns, or questions about our plans to use Civil Obedience to shut down Obama's amnesty.

    If you are willing to help us fight back, please join our email alerts at www.ALIPAC.us and do not rely on Facebook or Google to inform you of our updates.
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