• Calls for Republicans to Use Obama's Deferred Action Amnesty As Deportation Tool

    Calls for Republicans to Use Obama's Deferred Action Amnesty As Deportation Tool

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    September 10, 2012

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    Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is calling on Republicans and Mitt Romney to use the 'Deferred Action' Dream Act Amnesty which Barack Obama has put into motion in clear violation of existing federal laws and the US Constitution, as a tool for efficient deportation of the illegal aliens that sign up for the program.

    "The illegal immigrants who are flouting their status as 'undocumented' need to be deported to send a clear message to the world that illegally immigrating to the United States will not be tolerated," said William Gheen President of ALIPAC. "We also need to rebuke Obama for attempting to encourage illegal immigrants to enter and remain unlawfully in the the US and to participate in US elections."

    Over 40,000 illegal immigrants have already signed up for Obama's program which he ordered via memos. The unlawful directive that bypasses the American public, the Congress, the Constitution, and the outcome of the election is not actual legislation, nor a formal Executive Order but appears to be some new form of edict and dictatorial rule for the United States.

    Illegal aliens who sign up for the program have to be willing to make the claim they are under 30 and were brought here as children, however no strong documentation is required for these claims and exploitable affidavits will suffice. Illegal immigrants enrolled are given Amnesty through America's existing immigration laws, biometric identification, work permits, and access to driver licenses and taxpayer benefits and opposed by super majorities of American citizens.

    "Deporting the illegal immigrants signing up for deferred action Amnesty will be very easy and affordable because we will already have their names, pictures, biometric tracking information, addresses, and places of employment," said William Gheen. "We are asking Republicans and Mitt Romney to rescind Obama's unlawful directives after the election and to send immigration agents to the doors of these lawbreakers to seize their work permits and other properties and send them back to their home nations."

    ALIPAC is asking Republican candidates to take actions to reverse Obama's Dream Act Amnesty orders, orders for Border Patrol agents to run away from illegal immigrants, and the new orders preventing illegal aliens from being flown home or further away from the border when apprehended. The Obama administration has been caught buying assault weapons for illegal alien smugglers and lying about deportation numbers to the public.

    Illegal immigrants who pay for Obama's Deferred Action Amnesty sham are still responsible for the existing penalties under existing federal laws which require their deportation.

    Employers who hire illegal immigrants carrying a work permit issued to them are still accountable under existing federal law regardless of Obama's orders. ALIPAC has called on all federal employees to defy Obama's current unconstitutional orders and any future orders that clearly violate their oaths of office to the detriment of the American public.

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