• Do you know where your candidates stand on illegal immigration?

    Friends of ALIPAC,

    Do you know where your candidates really stand on illegal immigration? If everyone in America did, we would not have a problem with this illegal immigration invasion for long because the invasion supporters would be out of office quickly!

    Many Americans still don't even know our borders are wide open and our existing immigration laws are not really enforced. The ALIPAC phone lines ring all day with concerned citizens calling to report illegal aliens thinking their Government is actually going to respond.

    You need to know where your candidates stand on this nation destroying issue.

    Please take the following steps.

    Step 1:

    Review ALIPAC's endorsements page often to identify candidates near you that need your votes, donations, and volunteerism. The list will grow each week between now and Election Day, and we need you to mobilize behind those we identify who stand with you for immigration enforcement instead of invasion appeasement. We will have an army of candidates by Election Day that needs you to support them and move in close ranks with these hopeful lawmakers.

    You can locate our endorsements by saving the link below, or visiting www.ALIPAC.us and clicking on "Campaigns" on the top blue toolbar or the banners about candidates found at the top and bottom of every page on our site!

    ALIPAC's 2012 Endorsements

    Step 2:

    Please help us identify federal candidates near you who are not on our endorsements page and send them copies of ALIPAC's 2012 Federal Candidate survey. A copy of the survey is linked to at the top and bottom of our endorsements page.

    You can also find a copy of the survey in our Forums in the 2012 candidate section where you will find the surveys that have already been returned to us with candidate answers. All a campaign needs to do is copy and paste our survey into an email back to us with their answers and we will use the survey, information about their campaigns through other sources, information about their opponents, and information from groups like NumbersUSA to weigh our endorsements.

    ALIPAC's 2012 Candidate Survey and Responses

    Step 3:

    You need to know where your state candidates stand on illegal immigration as well, otherwise you will elect state senators like the ones in New Mexico who have blocked our efforts to cut off licenses for illegal aliens.

    You may unwillingly elect those who will vote for in-state tuition for illegal aliens like in California and Texas.

    While ALIPAC cannot endorse state level candidates, you can easily access our archives of information.

    Simply take the name of the candidate you want to know about, or look up the names of your state senator and state house representative, and go to www.ALIPAC.us and search on their names using the box in the upper left of the top blue tool bar.

    If we have any articles or comments in our extensive archives from the past 8 years, you will see the results.

    If you find no results searching the ALIPAC.us archives, then simply do a search engine search, pick up a phone book, or dial 411 to contact the offices or home of the local and state candidate and ask them, "Where do you stand on illegal immigration?" Then listen to what they have to say without tipping them off to your position. Then when they are done, you can decide if they are a law enforcement type or an appeasement type and you can then proceed to share your concerns and positions.

    All of this can be done in one afternoon or evening, and once you are politically armed with the knowledge of where your candidates stand then you can inform others.

    In fact, your efforts sending local candidates our survey could result in an ALIPAC endorsement that will be seen and heard by tens of thousands of voters before Election Day 2012.

    If you contact a local candidate in writing or by phone and decide to post their responses in our forums at www.ALIPAC.us then others in your area will be able to find that information on our site and on the web!

    We need an army of ALIPACers beating the bushes to determine which candidates stand with the illegal alien invasion and which ones stand with those of us who are innocent American defenders fighting to save our homeland.

    Those of us here at ALIPAC will be working very hard on our end to gather this information, but we need all of you involved and helping.

    Are you involved? Are you helping? We are very powerful when we all focus and work together.

    If you have any questions, suggestions, feedback, or concerns, our ALIPAC activists are standing by 24/7 at this activism link to assist you...

    Activism Coordination Link....

    Let's roll!

    William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team
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