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    Americans Attacked in Burbank, CA by Insurgents (VIDEO)

    Brown Beret militants attacked American demonstrators in Burbank, CA this past weekend at a rally to support ABC and their airing of Homeland Security USA. Videos below.

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    It's always the same at these rallies isn't it? The nurse they interviewed in the second video gives me concern. She feels involved enough to attend the rally on the opposing side but she has no opinion about whether our border should be secured? C'mon! If she doesn't have an opinion about that she hasn't thought the issue through at all has she? I give her credit for trying to come to aid of the downed man. But if her thought process is on this issue is an example of how people think who support the other side they have NO ARGUMENT.

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    The sad part, the cops in Idaho would have had their asses in a cop car and hauled off to jail so fast they wouldn't know what hit them.

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