Got this in my email today from Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform (CAIR)

CAIR alert - Beauprez Town Hall meetings on Thursday

To: CAIR supporters of immigration sanity

Rep. Bob Beauprez (R-CO07) will host 2 Immigration Town Hall Meetings
on Thursday, August 17, 2006:

Lakewood, CO at the City Hall

Aurora, CO, at the Municipal Building

Please attend one of these meetings and insist on a response to The
Sovereign People of Colorado on the issue of immigration. Now is the
time to let your elected public servants know how you feel about mass

Talking point: Will you support only enforcement bills that contain
no guest worker programs or amnesties?

Talking point: We only have a few thousand immigration agents
responsible for tracking down at least 12 million illegal aliens. But
we have over 600,000 state and local police that can help enforce immigration
laws. Will you make sure the federal government allows them to help?

Talking point: Will you work with leaders in your party to ensure
that H.R. 4437 is not undercut by a guest worker program or amnesty?

Talking point: 14 Million Americans cannot find a full-time job.
Can your constituents count on you to resist all efforts to increase
annual immigration and foreign worker admissions?

Item 2

Yesterday, Governor Owens signed ten immigration reform bills passed
in the July special legislative session. Two additional measures will
go to the ballot for voters to approve! More information is at