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    You are so right. I worked closely with the police when I ran Emergency Squad.

    The criminals have all the rights and the victims have none.


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    WELCOME TO ALIPAC Sharupa and montanalady

    Quote Originally Posted by montanalady
    They are convicted felons. Where can they work? He screwed them by not giving them a pardon.
    I think they will be ok, almost everyone knows their stories and they are heroes to millions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharupa
    Does anyone realize these men will never be true citizens again? They cannot carry any type of gun and they will not be able to vote.
    These men will be convicted felons for the rest of their lives.

    Now we must work to get this part of their lives reversed.

    I am a former precinct committee person and poll worker.

    I heard on the radio Bush commuted the sentences before getting a recommendation and that there is a small possibility it may turn into a full pardon before noon tomorrow. I personally doubt that will happen.

    So now they need to look at what the procedure is to get this expunged and their rights returned. I seriously doubt that even if given the opportunity, they would go back to the BP. I wouldn't.
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    Cayla. go onto youtube and look up agent ramos first report.
    he says at the end of it when asked if he would go back.

    "Yeah, id do it, its what i am, its what i love, its my job"

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