Job Betrayal in the Stimulus

Dear Friend,

This Obama Administration appears as determined as the last one to sellout this country. Or maybe they just don't have the guts to stand up to the corporate and special interests that are demanding they keep the millions of illegal workers in this country gainfully employed while millions of Americans are out of work.

You know all that talk we keep hearing from President Obama about getting Americans back to work? Well it is just that-all talk. Yesterday the President signed into law a massive spending bill that he claimed was the only way to get Americans back on their feet. What he didn't tell you is that he had his friends on the Hill took out the one clause in the thousand page monstrosity that would have prevented the new jobs being created form going to illegal aliens.

According to Robert Rector of The Heritage Foundation 300,000 of the new construction jobs created in the stimulus will now go to illegal aliens. And that is just the construction jobs!

There was a provision in the house version of the bill that required federal contractors to e-verify all employees or they would not be eligible for stimulus contracts. Well it was REMOVED from the final version.

We are also worried about the Buy American provision that got watered down in the final version. While it does seem to require that all iron, steel, and manufactured goods used by tax funded contractors come from American manufacturers, this section is now riddled with loopholes like allowing the head of a federal agency to ignore the rule if he deems it "inconsistent with the public interest."

The fact that many of Canadians and Europeans pleased that they have access to stimulus contracts is all the more reason for our concern.

Here is the key. These politicians will not survive an election if they voted to spend a trillion of our dollars just to give it to illegal aliens. We must let them know we are watching--that the jobs and contracts being created by this bill better go to American workers and American companies. Anything less is a sellout of our countrymen and our country.

We need to make them pick a side: they either want our jobs going to Americans, or they want them to go to illegal immigrants and foreign workers.

Please get on the phones to your Congressman and Senator-or go to their town hall meetings or district offices this week while they're on break. Tell them if they won't look after Americans in these tough times they better start looking for another job.

[Click Here for a list of House phone numbers Click Here for the Senate numbers. ... rs_cfm.cfm Or you can call the capital switchboard toll free at 1 (866) 220-0044 and ask for your Congressman or Senator]

Meanwhile Team America will keep watching for any developments that will further smoke out he snakes behind this betrayal.

Thanks again for being part of Team America.

Bay Buchanan

PS I just came from an immigration coalition where all the different groups fighting this battle come together to share information and co-ordinate the strategy. I can promise you Team America is doing everything we can to make Washington put Americans and America first. It is astounding that such a battle is even necessary. But to win we need your help-all of us together fighting for our families and our neighbors. Please get the message to your elected reps this week!

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