Ethno-Racial Cleansing In America

Over 30,000 American Black US Citizens Traveled To Jena, Louisiana To Protest Nooses Hanging In A Tree and Judicial Mistreatment of Black Teenage Boys

Will They Now Help Us in Los Angeles?

Blacks Are Murdered and Ethno-Racially Cleansed By Illegal Immigrants And "Anchor-Baby" Children

Remember Sheryl Green, Jamiel Shaw and Highland Park, Los Angeles CA Murders

Saturday, June 21, 2008

(Downtown LA: The Capital of US Sanctuary Cities)

"Let All Americans March United in LA"


We will begin gathering at Olympic & Broadway at 10:00 AM (Saturday, June 21st)

The March will begin at 12:00 Noon Sharp!

We should arrive at City Hall South Lawn no later than 2:00 pm (in fact most likely closer to 1:00pm).

The rally will be over no later than 5:00 pm. We want to be clear of area by 6:30 pm.


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From: Ted Hayes <>

Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 23:39:46
To:Kathy Godfrey <>
Cc:Lorraine Green <>, "Bernard C. Parks" <>, Bernard Parks <>, "Bernard C. Parks, Jr" <>, Allen Freehling <>, "Allen Freehling, Rabbi" <>, Adrian Dove <>
Subject: Please HELP!

On Saturday, June 21,2008, the movement that I represent is permitted by law enforcement to have a Civil Rights march from Olympic and Broadway north on Broadway to the South Lawn of LA City Hall to conduct a First Amendment Free Speech rally to stop the Ethno-Racial Cleansing of American Black citizens in the city.

We humbly request two items from the Council Member Jan Perry, they are:

1. Please permit city employers to allow my group access to the electrical outlet at the South Lawn that we may utilize our sound system to address the marchers and others who would like to hear our side of the issue. Thank you!

2. Would the Councilwoman please attend the rally, not in agreement with our sentiments, but rather to help the LAPD officers to insure that we remain protected from all harm and that our Civil and Constitutional Right of Free Speech is not abridged again by out of control, un-civil, street terrorist rabbles. Thank you again.

3. Also, you will be able to observe how we are treated by the detractors of our side of the issue, many of whom will be masked and calling our group derogatory and racial pejoratives, such as "Black White Man's ******s" and other like shameful words, along with threats of physical violence against our person and that under the colors of foreign flags.

The reason for your presence is because we as you, Remember Liemert Park, Saturday, June 23,2007 and we, like you, don't want that embarrassing fiasco to happen again in heart of our beloved city.

On that hot June afternoon, a street terrorist rabble who had previously harassed our Civil Rights marches on numerous occasions, and even physically attacked the LAPD at McArthur Park on May 1st of 2007, threatened physical violence should the officers enforce our permit to be in the park which is located in the 8th District.

What frightened the LAPD officers was the willingness of the street terrorist rabble who was co-defacto led and instigated by a KJKH Radio talk show host, to make these serious threats of insurrection against the US Government behind the shield of innocent women and children strategically place in the park for such disgusting use.

In fact, the talk show host who had promoted the disruption of the Civil Rights event in the Park via on-air presentation of the radio station, and also had her young child in her arms as she rallied the insurrection happens to be an appointee by Mayor Villariagosa to the womens commission.

During the march and negotiations over "whose park", not only was there a dark "MacArtur Park" pol hanging over the heads of intimidated law enforcement officials, but there were shouts at them from the rabble of "We Remember MacArther Park"

Prior to the Civil Rights events, we had begged the Mayor to come protect us as he had done for those who are not citizens of our beloved nation when they marched and rallied for their causes; and of course, we entreated Council Bernard C. Parks because Liemert Park is in the 8th District.

Unfortunately, neither of them arrived to protect us from what the police could not, and that is, the blatant theft of our Civil Rights by foreign invaders flying the colors of another nation. So this year, the annual occasion is in your 9th District.

Therefore, Council Member Perry, would you please demonstrate your courageous leadership and not take the example of Mayor Villariagosa and Councilman Parks of rejecting their duties.

Would you please come to observe and be ready to carry out your Constitutional responsibilities to insure our safety and Civil Liberties in a public forum.

We intend to ask once again the assistance of the Mayor and Council Member Parks.

Thank you kindly for your time, consideration and cooperation in this crucial matter.

Ted Hayes

Shalom In Jerusalem