From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA
Date: 29DEC05 9 a.m.

Please make first-time donation to continue our fight for reduced immigration


I and most of your NumbersUSA staff are squeezing in some vacation before renewing our battle in the usually hostile Senate (this is the battle you all successfully fought in the House this month).

Thank you for all that you did this past year in sending faxes, making phone calls and attending meetings to bring about so many good results.

We've always made our faxing and other action tools available to everybody free of charge. That can be done, however, only because thousands of individuals also eventually start making financial donations to pay the costs.

If you have never sent a donation to the NumbersUSA effort, please consider sending at least $10 before the year ends. As always, we never ask for donations from those of you who are unemployed, seriously ill or living on small fixed incomes.

1. If you itemize your deductions on your annual tax returns, between 15% and 40% of your donation to NumbersUSA this week will come back to you soon in federal and state tax refunds. To get the deduction, be sure to mark your donation for the NumbersUSA Education & Research Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit.

2. Any donation you make to NumbersUSA Education & Research Foundation will be doubled by a matching grant from major donors! They operate under rules that allow them to give more money to our efforts only as there are additional matching funds given from individuals like you.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to leverage your generosity into an amount worth triple that to us while costing you maybe only two-thirds of what you send us.

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Thanks to all of you who have invested your time, your commitment and your financial contributions in this urgent enterprise.


-- ROY
in this email:

"Another donation is coming soon. With the recent squashing of Sen. Specter's bill, it seems as though we are making some progress combating excessive and illegal immigration."
--The Frisina Family, Farmingville, N.Y.

" It passed! (The House immigration enforcement bill.) Americans couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present. Thank you, Numbers, for a job well done."
--Yvonne Wohlers

"If it wasn't for you, the job would never get done."
--Judy, Colorado Springs

"I followed the historic debate Thursday and Friday both on CSPAN and on the Numbersusa LINK site in play by play fashion. Never have I felt more empowered with a sense of feeling that one can make a difference. And I had much satisfaction that while I was properly engaged at this critical time, thousands of my fellow NumbersUSA members were acting with equal resolve. Thank you for the fantastic job you are doing. "
--John Wade

"You at NumbersUSA are heaven sent!!!!!! I have become passionately involved in using NumbersUSA as the tool you have designed it be. I have made minor contributions to help support your efforts. I am currently unemployed but when I find work I will certainly contribute more to your efforts to get appropriate immigration reform in America."
--Bill Rumfelt

actions in brief:
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