Power Crazed Pelosi Calls Enforcing Immigration Laws Un-American

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The audacity of Congress never ceases to amaze me. After taking orders from the Obama Administration Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd created a loophole in the stimulus bill which would allow unlimited bonuses to be paid to employees of bailed out organizations. But when the news hit that AIG paid out $170 million in bonuses, Pelosi and company denied any knowledge of the loophole, feigned outrage and passed a 90% confiscatory tax on the bonuses!

First they do exactly what their friends on Wall Street demand; then they lie about it; then they pass an unconstitutional bill when the scheme back fires on them. Who do they think they are retroactively confiscating a law abiding citizens income!-today AIG employees, tomorrow you and me!

Equally outrageous, Nancy Pelosi spoke on Tuesday to a group of legal and illegal immigrants and called the workplace raids against illegal aliens "un-American," and then telling the group that illegal aliens were "patriotic". Let me get this right, Nancy, Old Girl-breaking our laws, taking our jobs, suppressing our wages is "patriotic" stuff and enforcing our laws are "un-American"!!

Then there is Senator Bob Menendez (D, NJ) who called illegal aliens "citizens." He recently received an award from La Raza and told the group amnesty is needed "to bring all citizens out of the shadow." Can you believe this? Wonder why they are in the shadows, Bob!

And here is one that needs to go to the top of the list. The Missouri State Police recently issued a report on "domestic terrorism." "Anti-immigrant" was one of their classifications for terrorist/militia organizations. According to this government guide "extremists will argue that immigrants are taking the jobs of U.S. citizens during times of high unemployment. Additionally, illegal immigrants are seen as sucking up government resources without paying taxes." Nothing extremist about that position, do you think?

While the state police are coddling illegals aliens, one illegal at least is killing their citizens. Illegal alien Manuel Cazares confessed to murdering Amanda Thomas and Carl Patrick Epley in Hannibal, Missouri. Cazares had several run-ins with the law, including an arrest for assaulting Amanda whose family now says they repeatedly told the police that Cazares was an illegal.

And while the American people have categorically rejected amnesty it is still an operative word in Washington. After Obama met with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus behind closed doors, Louis Guitierrez (D, IL) said he was confident the president would push for "comprehensive immigration reform" by the end of the year because "there is no time to waste." Does the President forget unemployment is now over 8% and expected to climb to 10% by the end of the year? Or do they even care?

We need to give them a reality check. Last week I told you about two great candidates with upcoming special elections-New York's Jim Tedisco on March 31 and Illinois' Rosanna Pulido on April 7. They need your help now. A strong showing by these candidates will send an unmistakable message to Congress and the Administration: No Amnesty.

Please contribute to help these candidates. [Click here to contribute, if you put "For Jim" or "For Rosanna," 100% of your contribution will go directly to their campaign] We also need support to help Team America build our defenses for when amnesty lobby fires their first shot.

With your help, we'll be ready for them.

Keep the Faith,
Bay Buchanan

P.S. for those of you in the Nashville Area, I'll be speaking at Vanderbilt University this coming Monday January 23 at 8:00 PM for the student group, Youth for Western Civilization. The speech is at the University's Garland Hall, Room 101 [click here for a campus map] For more information, please contact Devin Saucier at 813-335-5356 or WillFreedomRev@gmail.com.

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