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    White House jobs report ~ imported 1,125,000 foreign workers

    From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA
    Date: Monday 2NOV09 9 a.m. EST

    Respond to new White House jobs report -- Flood Congress with faxes on million new foreign workers

    Friday, the White House issued a new report claiming that this year's Stimulus Bill has created or saved approximately 650,000 U.S. jobs.


    Every office in Congress today needs to be flooded with faxes reminding the politicians that their failure to REDUCE immigration this year has eliminated any benefit of those 650,000 jobs as far as U.S. workers are concerned.

    Go to your personalized Action Board now to send this fax to your 3 Members of Congress and to Pres. Obama.

    (If you already sent the faxes over the weekend, thanks. And remember that IT IS ALWAYS FREE to send faxes through the NumbersUSA system.)

    When the White House made its jobs creation announcement, none of the news media reported that another government program -- immigration -- completely wiped out any overall benefit for unemployed Americans.

    Your 3 Members of Congress need to be told repeatedly this week that the federal immigration program this year already has issued about 1.125 million permanent and temporary work permits to new working-age foreign citizens!

    Go to your personalized Action Board now to send faxes with that information.

    All of us need to point out to every local newspaper, every Member of Congress and every one of our co-workers and family that the federal government has imported more than a million working-age foreign citizens this year to negate every positive impact the stimulus could have had for U.S. workers.

    To see exactly how the 1.125 million new work permits were calculated and for more analysis of what the White House's job-creation claim really means . . .

    . . . read my blog:

    White House Claims 'Stimulus' Saved/Created 650,000 Jobs (but it imported 1,125,000 foreign workers at same time)

    NumbersUSA continues to stand virtually alone in insisting that the public, the press and the politicians recognize on a daily basis that our immigration programs are daily importing foreign workers to do U.S. jobs instead of Americans.

    We can combat every new immigration threat in Congress -- and support every additional level of enforcement -- by constantly reminding the politicians that their actions have a direct effect on hundreds of thousands of unemployed Americans.


    Roy Beck, President NumbersUSA

    NumbersUSA - relies upon individuals like you to reach its goal of an environmentally sustainable and economically just America.

    received by e-mail from
    Roy Beck NumbersUSA
    Mon, Nov 2, 2009 6:58 pm

    Numbers USA
    1601 N. Kent Street
    Suite 1100
    Arlington, VA 22209
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Re: White House jobs report ~ imported 1,125,000 foreign wor

    Quote Originally Posted by AirborneSapper7

    The H-1B visa has been hijacked by large corporations and lobbyists from India who use the visa to throw US computer and other technical professionals out of work.

    H-1B's coming in from India have been discovered using fake resumes to apply for jobs in the US.

    American citizens working at computer jobs have been forced to train cheaper replacements coming in from India.

    Temporary computer workers from India, those who have been used to throw Americans out of work, have engaged in workplace and company sabotage. In one noted case the Indian computer company Satyam placed its workers in the office of the World Bank to sabotage its computer systems.

    When the H-1B visa program was going strong in 2006, George Bush changed the rules so that employers no longer have to search for Americans capable of doing the work before hiring foreign temp workers.

    Before leaving office, George Bush was pressured by heavy lobbying from India to work harder to make it easier for large companies from India to throw Americans out of work and give their jobs to temporary workers from India. Bush made an anemic observation about the situation: "And it is painful when Americans lose their jobs".

    Hillary Clinton has made several trips to India where she has worked with the megacorp Tata Consulting Services to make it easier for Indian technical workers to enter the United States.

    Large state bureaucracies like the welfare system for the state of Colorado have had their computer systems sent to India where Indian companies destroyed the existing system and stopped the issuing of checks.

    India has a technical college where students study how to do paperwork for the Social Security Administration. Not the Indian SS Administration, the US one. Students who graduate from this curriculum hope to one day travel to the US where they can "replace" an American federal worker.

    Obama appointed a Chief Information Officer, Indian American Vivek Kundra, who was once implicated in a scam to bill the Federal Government for false labor billings using a company that shipped American jobs to India. He also inflated his resume with false qualifications and according to tech columnist John Dvorak is completely unqualified for the post he hold.

    The USCIS, who process immigration data, have had their projects outsourced to India doing jobs that could be done by Americans.

    The Washington D.C. Department of Motor vehicles now has its customer service data outsourced to India where the car registration data for politicians and security personnel are in the hands of unmonitored foreign workers.

    Silicon Valley, which was thriving under the labor of American workers in the 1990's has gone into a steep decline as thousands of temporary workers from India were shipped in to replace American IT workers.

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