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    ‘We foreigners now rape you’: Italian politician gets death and rape threats for oppo

    ‘We foreigners now rape you’: Italian politician gets death and rape threats for opposing construction of mosque


    Italy, along with other EU countries, has for a considerable period opened its door to “foreigners.” Now, many EU countries, including Italy, face a crisis of “foreigners.” Large numbers of people have arrived from the Middle East and Africa, including from areas where Sharia prevails. Jihad threats, rapes and no-go zones are rapidly becoming a new normal. As women are deemed inferior in Islamic law, they can bear the brunt of this, as Silvia Sardone has in the threats she has received.
    One cannot imagine a politician receiving a “river full of hatred” and threats including rape for opposing the construction of a church or synagogue. Neither would pose threats of terrorism, either.

    “’We foreigners now rape you.’ Northern Leaguer threatened with death,” translated from “‘Noi stranieri ora ti stupriamo’. La leghista minacciata di morte,” by Giuseppe De Lorenzo, Il Giornale, October 5, 2020:
    The insults are almost unrepeatable: “Whore…”, “shit…”, “racist c…”. And again: “disgusting”, “daughter of a…”, “ho…” and so on.
    But what is most worrying are the threats, explicit, sent by social media by foreigners and social users. A river full of hatred that the Northern League politician Silvia Sardone has been sent online for a few days. Her fault? Having expressed an opinion against the construction of a temporary mosque that the Municipality of Milan intends to install in the area of ​​Via Novara.
    The screenshots, which can publish in full exclusively, show the ferocity of the insults directed at the Carroccio MEP. “Maybe you didn’t understand,” warns the mysterious user who goes by the name Otman with a threatening effect. There are those who wish her to “burn to death” and those who promise that soon “we foreigners will enter your home and rape you”. The various messages were delivered in the private chats on Sardone’s social profiles. “These insults, many of which come from profiles of foreigners,” she says, “highlight, once again, that there is a latent hatred towards those who dare to ask for rules, controls, safety on the subject of mosques”.
    Among the messages received, that of iitstk.58 also stands out, convinced that Islam is “the only true religion that has existed so far”. In spite of all ecumenism and good dialogue between faiths, the user adds that “Christianity is incredible bullshit” and that “the person you say is God”, that is, Jesus, is not, “because he is a prophet and not never said he was God or the son of God.” This innovative history of religions then continues with other learned reconstructions on the life of Christ: “He, with the powers that Allah gave him, did everything Allah had told him to do and say and then you balls have invented that he was God”.
    Certainly Sardone does not intend to step back. “It will not be these threats of rape or death that will stop me from denouncing the subjugation of the Democratic Party to certain Islamic communities and the risks to the city,” says the MEP. “I have already given a mandate to my lawyer to denounce this mob. I will continue to stand by the citizens who are demanding the closure of illegal mosques, after listening to the promises of Mayor Sala for years and then being disappointed”. And it is precisely the municipal administration, guilty of “a sensational laxity in dealing with the management of Islamic prayer centers”, that Sardone asks to intervene to heal “abuses of all kinds”. “We ask for a pragmatic attitude and not to go against the will of the citizens who are strongly opposed to this choice and of the City Council which had already expressed itself opposing the mosque in via Novara.” She concludes: “I repeat that the threats of these frustrated people will not stop me. Our battle, with our heads held high alongside the Milanese who say no to the mosque, will continue ”.
    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Bury them all at sea. Period.

    These nasty people live this vile hate 24/7 for 1,000s years. They will not stop now.

    There should be no Mosque or that evil religion on any of our shores and they MUST be shut down and banned.


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