Why doesn't Mexico do more to prevent its people from leaving

Alexander Chiltern
, Mexican writer

Feb 15, 2017 · Author has 329 answers and 197.1k answer views

...Mexico requires people to have a passport to leave the country, not a visa to enter another one.

Mexico cannot forbid anyone to go into another country of their choice.

This may seems strange to Americans whose government has forbidden them in the past to enter, for example, Cuba.

Mexico is, in that aspect, less authoritarian. The “illegally” side of the question is “illegal” from the US perspective, not from the Mexican perspective.

In Mexico it´s not a crime to enter another country without a visa.

Second: Mexico does thing to prevent illegal crossing. The coyotes´ activities is illegal and they are persecuted. Clearly , it´s not enough. Mexico can and should do more. But it would be only to please the US, not because it is its obligation. What Mexico should do is to have better economic and social policies to create more and better-paid jobs. But in order to do that, it would have to make a radical change (to the left)… and the US wouldn´t like that. The serpent bites its tail.